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Sevastopol light scenery.
Includes: AFCADs of Khersones airfield and 2 airfields for light aircrafts, modified shorelines from Kacha airfield to Balaklava bay, main railways and roads with car traffic.
→ Size: 283 KB
→ Date: 12 years ago (03.01.2009 05:52)
→ Author: Sergey Ivanov aka Scorpio9999
→ Uploaded by: Scorpio9999 (uploaded 29 files )
→ Approved by moderator: seric76
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 2646 time(s)
Not only for the idea, and for the realization! Finally something in FSX ashore and started to show the coordinates in order! dmi-shef, 12 years ago, #
still more for the idea), but implementation will be later) Rustaveli, 12 years ago, #
2 Rustaveli All zamechiniya fast in the theme​x.php?showtopic=68624 for general viewing. Scorpio9999, 12 years ago, #
Wow! Long wanted to go fly! Many thanks to author! Karwer, 12 years ago, #
. polarfox, 12 years ago, #
still more for the idea) Rustaveli, 12 years ago, #
Hmm, and you are out of Sevastopol:? Write me​?94450, I podskazhu you what to fix. but the idea of 5) Rustaveli, 12 years ago, #