replacement of default scenario airport UKFF Simferopol.sdelan schemes at the airport on 25 September 2008. converted parking, taxiways and objects aerodroma.Na Skokov probably untrue. (may be imaginary objects). did to himself, decided to publish everything. pleasant flight.
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Сооружения курсовых маяков очень сильно подвинуты к торцам ВПП относительно реала. Какие-то две непонятные антенны по обочинам ВПП, 747 вполне крылом задевает. Ширина РД не соответствует реалу :(
Жаль, что нет знаменитого тоннеля, но как э понимаю, сделать его сложно.
ICanFlyMan, 7 years ago, #
Excellent! Just a question - why no tankers? The fuel crisis in Ukraine? :) They'll even stand as decoration for the long-range cargo terminal. But the cause is impossible, no to the port, SIM responsible. The_Spirit, 11 years ago, #
Peremapte children under 9-ku OWL) Владимир Пахомов, 11 years ago, #
Please, someone, help with how to demolish AFCAD in FSX, to strip on the strip was not lying? He searched the forum, did not find. Which file should be removed? And for work 5 +! Thank you, I was there this summer, traveled to Yalta;) serg09, 11 years ago, #
now thanks to that! ZA09, 11 years ago, #
Better than the default. Definitely! It certainly would be 4 but for the addition of a number of ports FSX 5 :-) mozolin, 12 years ago, #
Just RІRѕRїSЂRѕSЃRyoRє. Kordionat made from real, or deffoltnogo UKFF Voron777, 12 years ago, #
made from the actual coordinates and satellite photos bossound, 12 years ago, #
Sim flies when viewing from the outside. SuperNush, 12 years ago, #
Strangely I have everything OK Vovlan, 12 years ago, #