Improvements made to the Su-15 model:
1. Made a new 2D cabin, slightly modified the 3D cabin
2. The automatic retraction of the flaps has been reprogrammed when the IAS limit of 600 km/h is reached.
2.In the right panel I inserted a photo of the realistic remote control on which I installed:
- radio altimeter altitude switch
- left and right engine start buttons
- fire alarm test switch. When the top switch is pressed, the “Fire” indication is activated. Pressing the bottom switch activates the "Disable afterburner" panels for the left engine and the "Disable afterburner" panels for the right engine.
- inserted a green light and a “Spare code” switch.
- green lamps for monitoring fuel consumption from fuel tanks are installed.
3. Made a switching panel for electrical consumers.
4. Reprogrammed the radar sight. It can now be turned on or off using the "Power Op" switch. This is a very important switch, because with its help you can save 20 liters of 98% pure medical alcohol in one flight (just kidding).
5. Removed the green light next to the speed indicator on the radar sight and inserted a bronze screw.
6. The speed indicator scale on the radar sight has been replaced.
7. Moved the radio remote control from the main panel (it looked like a “foreign body” there) to the left pop-up panel. Under it, he placed Stroba and Mayak refueling stations, which were not present in the real Su-15. The pilot's ejection seat height adjustment switch was also moved there.
8. Made night illumination of instruments and inscriptions in the 2D cockpit
9.Changed the dynamics:
- landing speed when the balance is less than 1800 kg 330-340 km/h
- maximum ground speed when the engines are running in afterburner 1100 km/h
and etc.
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