The already familiar Maule M7-260C has got a combined ski-wheel chassis and is 45 kg (100 pounds) heavier; the price for such an increase in weight was a decrease in altitude and speed.
Advantages of the combined ski-wheel chassis: it holds the car much better on soft or loose surfaces and makes nose-overs almost impossible.
Disadvantages of the ski-wheel chassis: an increase in the weight of the machine and a deterioration in aerodynamics.
Trouble-free operation tips for this Maule M7-260C Skies
1. Before starting on dirt/gravel/asphalt/concrete, raise your skis (they are lowered by default for landing on snow/ice) using the Skies toggle switch on the 2D panel
2. Before taking off with maximum weight from short runways, check the position of the flaps and trim: the flaps should be extended to 24 degrees, and the elevator trim should be set to +4 degrees
3. Safe glide path speed of 60 knots (65 mph) in landing configuration; do not try to keep the glide path at a lower speed - the aircraft begins to sway along the course and roll, there is a great danger of stalling or rough landing past the runway
Installation is traditionally simple: unpack the archive in Microsoft Flight Simulator X:/SimObject:/Aircraft and agree to the replacement of files. Enjoy your flights and precise landings!
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