Alteration of regular Maule M7-260C Orion. This aircraft has been fixed for those who are tired of seeing the phrase "Exceeding the maximum weight by ... lbs" when fully loaded and refueled. In principle, this warning can be ignored, because the Maule M7-260C Orion has a rare ability to take off and gain a given height even with wild overload, almost without losing climb and takeoff dynamics (the engine can work wonders), but I decided to fix the boot model and slightly correct the dynamics by adding thrust to the propeller; fuel consumption was also reduced, which made it possible to increase the maximum flight range at maximum load to 700 nautical miles. Installation is performed by the replacement method (download this archive, delete the default M7-260C folder from the simulator and throw the folder of the same name from the archive into SimObjects/Airplanes). For fans of takeoffs and landings "on the lawns" I recommend the following piloting technique: takeoff is carried out with flaps "by 24" and elevator "by 3" at airspeed = 60 miles / hour (50 knots) with the simultaneous separation of all landing gear from the ground, and approach on the glide path is performed with airspeed=60 mph (50 knots) and flaps "at 48" (fully extended). Enjoy flying and soft landings in the wilderness!
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