Cessna 208B Grand Caravan in the so-called "Brazilian" modification. In the cabin, the number of seats for transporting 14 people (pilot and passengers) has been increased, a more powerful and economical Pratt & Whitney Canada PT-6A-64 engine and reduced fuel tanks have been installed (now the fuel reserve is 1404 pounds against 1991 pounds the base model has 9 seats). Installation is traditionally simple: delete the C208B folder from the SimObject directory SimObject:/Aircraft and replace it with a folder from this archive. Happy flying!
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Интересней стало! Igan, 2 weeks ago, #
Конечно, интереснее :) Оказывается, даже слегка подправленный дефолт для FSX может быть вполне летабельным. Получайте удовольствие от полётов. Learjet45, 2 weeks ago, #