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Minsk-2 (UMMS). The terminal has left without textures, as well as the time is not enough.
→ Size: 9 MB
→ Date: 17 years ago (27.10.2006 17:36)
→ Author:
→ Uploaded by: Albert Sl (uploaded 14 files )
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 4712 time(s)
at​p?go=getit&;lid=47 are no missing files. Who is not hard to tell here, please. RuSF_Ck, 15 years ago, #
And for FSX it will work? Alexsan, 16 years ago, #
2 vvb: So it is necessary to check the scene before the flight Hidden Demon, 17 years ago, #
a lot of negatives ARTHUR, 17 years ago, #
I'm also having problems with the installation. No folders for Eure. Indeed, strange ridmi instructions. Really it was hard once again to give the instruction. Velsy, 15 years ago, #
Albert Slovak, I'm not quite blunt, to ask questions without reading the instructions, at least to start. Yes, it would be silly to rewrite the text here, but give the translation, or at least understand English would have to write anything. In the way, if difficult to say, it's your right. Someone else, Give what to do with the folder "UMMS_Obj_Library"? And the instructions did on this occasion not found! SU7, 17 years ago, #
With regards to your question, I forgot to mention one important detail: I have version 8.22 beta. BUT! At Reed we written that we need to remove all previous. Because of this and all the problems. Although if you know how I matter, when the days came to Minsk online without VARA, without the ILS, but on the drive, with a visibility of 300 meters, heavy rain and FSPessendzhers aboard ... vvb, 17 years ago, #
Well, there is in fact a text file in archive with instruktsiyami.Glupo will probably copy its contents here? Addon Scenery folder and I do not use, I have it completely empty. Albert Slovak, 17 years ago, #
God forbid the installation can not understand: the folder c landklassom scene and go to the addon scenery, patch, referred to below, is in SceneryEureScenery, afkad in the addon sceneryScenery, right? A folder c objects-where to throw it? SU7, 17 years ago, #
That's two missing files and afkad​p?go=getit&;lid=47 Albert Slovak, 17 years ago, #
Lord sponsors, and I do ILS is not working. How to fix this matter? vvb, 17 years ago, #
Bad that the building the terminal, without textures. And as good scenario Demos, 17 years ago, #
Version is V 8.21. Vitsebsk it does not. Albert Slovak, 17 years ago, #
You did not answer, what is version. I shook the version where the Minsk-2 and Vitebsk like. Eclipse, 17 years ago, #
National does it mean that he called the "National Airport" Minsk " Albert Slovak, 17 years ago, #
Airport good! But about the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR) would like to detail! ;-) alush, 17 years ago, #
This new version, or a general? National - which means the central airport of the Byelorussian SSR. Eclipse, 17 years ago, #
and that means National Airport ... koshak, 17 years ago, #