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The legendary Mooney M20 began mass production in the mid-1950s as a transitional link from the slow-moving Cessna 152/172 to the high-speed Beechcraft B-58 Baron. The aircraft went through several deep modifications: engine replacement (10 copies were produced with a Porsche aircraft engine, and later the original weak 180-horsepower four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine was replaced by a six-cylinder turbocharged engine with an official power output 270 hp), a change in the design of the fuselage (since 1972, the Mooney M20 received an all-metal duralumin fuselage instead of a wooden one), which increased its strength, and since 1990, all new Mooney M20s are equipped with a pressurized cabin and an air conditioning system, which allows them to rise above the weather and avoid icing in clouds (Admittedly, this is a very reasonable upgrade, since the limited weight and size of the aircraft do not allow it to be equipped with a full-fledged anti-icing system). The corrected version differs from the default Mooney M20 Bravo in a smaller volume of fuel tanks, lower fuel consumption and increased payload. Installation instructions in the archive. Enjoy your flights!
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