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«Russian pilots - one of the most unsafe in the world». This company «Aeroflot» explain unlawfully opening their own flight school. To become a pilot for a year and a half, you need to put all nothing - ? 65 thousand - «3rd CHANNEL» (XViD ®, 27 MB)
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About etu system, I heard a long time. I will say here that, the sailor, and in the U.S. and Europe visit often sings inquired about training there. 42 thousand dollars t 13 months, you pravak in boenge So about 6 years old and I agree we learn of the old system and it is morally ustparela. honey commission to melt once it is easier (to about) shtyrman, 15 years ago, #
«Russian pilots - one of the most unsafe in the world» - people saying so on their own let former colleagues in the shop, does not deserve respect. His words show that he is as "unskilled." disp-nrsk, 15 years ago, #
I think that this statement not far from the truth. No system of vertical training. No flying clubs, the only attractions on driving the aircraft for the rich. As there Nestor wrote that any average Russian can afford to fly? Moscow is not Russia ... In Chita him, or in Ulan-Ude! And we looked like, as with the local average wage would be flying in the local, almost no existing aero. Here you can read a lot of statements about fathers and friends, that this master of his case. But ask them all how many years? These craftsmen go. And still only inexperienced pilots with low flight. Reason one: the state simply poherilo the industry. Aeroflot their only problem will be solved. I would be in their place just did. Embosser, 15 years ago, #
2Embosser: Simply put nedouchki will produce nedouchek. And to whom this better? The old system included only the initial training of theoretical training period 1.5 years, and then begin the practical zanayatiya on simulators and further upstream. Train to click buttons without understanding of the essence - in such a training going on in the circus. And very sorry if training will be on such a principle. disp-nrsk, 15 years ago, #
How do I besit it all! You soorgonizator this school? How do you know how training will be held there??? There are no moron, too, believe. Nenad ohineyu write about something that would be bad drivers. 1.5 years is long enough for the second pilot. In all normal airlines of the world under Related to the principle of training pilots. Yes, in Russia, this first time, it will be very successful and I hope soon this will be the norm. Nahre Aeroflot unskilled pilots themselves think??? They are there really that if moron all together? And the instructor is very good all Nenad compare with the circus. Ираклий, 15 years ago, #
1000! Carim, 15 years ago, #
2 Irakliy: nothing besitsya and saliva spatter. As it turned out - not from school and not from the street are in such schools, and after school. So I advise to talk to those who are studying or studied in a summer school on the training program, and then portray yourself knowledgeable of and speak for the entire world. When the man with the notion of Aviation did not talk to the kitchen, then naturally it will take less time to retrain. And I advise to ask the knowledgeable people, but the pilot needs to know if he wants to be a real professional pilot. You forgive what education is? disp-nrsk, 15 years ago, #
I am not talking about the CF-1 grade. This is the second pilot. Yes, the CF must be real professionals in their own business. And once the people become the second pilot, you can go in absentia in the study, Peter, if he wants to be KVSom. I am third year student at a technical university. Ираклий, 15 years ago, #
I have a school, the Academy of St. Petersburg and more than 20 years in GA. Perhaps the difference in attitude is attributable to differing levels of experience ... disp-nrsk, 15 years ago, #
I think that the aviators, kill a few years of life to study in the Soviet system of higher education, just very difficult to understand how it is possible - a couple of years, impregnated by the same amount of knowledge. But this is nothing, life will show that there are different opinions and different approaches. You can sit at desk for years and pick one's nose, but can be for 1,5 years in a specialized school, staying focused on extraneous topics to master the necessary knowledge and skills. Fact is fact - school is open and training of pilots is underway. Despite all the cry about that, saying, "how can this be?". Can. And it is necessary. slyalikov, 15 years ago, #
I think people are not very au fait as to the amount of education required for professional pilots, not to speak about such things at all. disp-nrsk, 15 years ago, #
And I believe that the priests of mysterious religion called "the pilots of civil aviation", the representative of the brightest and High Priest of which no doubt is a very distinguished, by the way, I have Mr. Ershov, time to have a little poduspokoitsya and look at the world nezamutnennymi eyes, as well as stop repeating mantras like "the pilots of civil aviation - is chosen from the elected ... the pilots of civil aviation - is chosen from the elected ... the pilots of civil aviation - is chosen from the elected ...". As the international practice, pilots, professionals bake as pies, a couple of years under normal aviation schools. Yes, KVSami on the B747-s and A380-e they will not put. Yes, they fly in the right seat at the small "Bobik" long and hard. But they - the pilots. And professionals, as paid for their work. And Aeroflot is absolutely right in his endeavor. Good luck to them. slyalikov, 15 years ago, #
After receiving the higher I go there =) Carim, 15 years ago, #
And really you can do there if I live in Ukraine? Or mb in Ukraine is a similar project? My dream is simple! 5 years to enjoy the sky, and after that and still get free money o_O ... q4dez, 13 years ago, #
Podvozhu total of all read the comments below. 1. So, gentlemen, I'll open secret: these schools have long been there in AK, but they do not take immediately after school, and after flight school. Education is also about so much and is on a contractual basis (and then subtracted from the RFP within 5-7 years). 2. Most of you have already flown on aircraft operated by people from these schools. How many of you this summer in Sochi summer? All are alive in good health? Allusion is clear 3. Train for a half year it is possible, just as soon not have to FAC! For the "take the school will be, but the line will not give, and the technique of the first class is not empty, and after the towers only (according to our rules)" (words to re-pilot). But! no, you do not get this tower prevents parallel, doing the same, Peter! 4. For simmerov, age 20-23 years old with no life experience and not on "repeat, you do not pay those 65 tysch ue. And none of you are such denzhischschi not required! You sign a contract (see point 1). "And the young - it easier for him to a contract not dangerous, work, family to feed is not necessary!" (the words of the pilot). So, enough sputter! Aeroflot FIVE for FIVE reportage, the rest NESOGLASNIM - exec fs9.exe and do not quarrel! Because most of the comments written here as a minimum melt that consists of rumors and speculation Author, thank you for the feature! Score would be reduced for the fact that they wrote that the school illegal, but I will not! For indeed, all laws are just restrictions (read paragraph 3). All the best of luck! RAID, 15 years ago, #
"to take to school to be, but the line will not give, and the technique of the first class is not empty, and after the towers only (according to our rules)" is not very clear on what technology will then fly graduates ztoy schkoly? What equipment AFL-RAL is not first class (not talking about the 134th and 24th in the daughter). Or Aerobus (319-75,5 t, 320-77,0 tons and tons 321-93,5 takeoff weight) - 2 class? And, as fits the lack of evidence of the pilot line to the right to work in companies that operate multi planes? Even the pilots of the helicopters have a certificate of linear (MI-8, two-engine). For the curious there is a reference to the requirements:​/treb.html # ATPL disp-nrsk, 15 years ago, #
Я туда звонил и разговаривал с директором школы.
Во-первых, обучение на CPL происходит в США.
Во-вторых, схема контракта (бесплатно/5 лет отработки в компании с вычетом из з/п) теперь не действует - платишь свои денежки.
alexesha, 11 years ago, #
А условия приема каковы? Bubnov, 11 years ago, #
Да я особо не акцентировал. Меня возраст интересовал. И схема финансирования Аэрофлотом. Обломившись по обеим статьям, не стал больше мучить человека расспросами.
Ну, думаю, как и везде - успешный ВЛЭК, не ниже среднего специального образование, английский разговорный, чтобы было с чем начать обучение за рубежом, ну, и денюжка, конечно. Обучают до CPL, дальше не знаю. Да, и еще было сказано, что если вы обучитесь в этой школе, Афлот гарантировано возьмет на работу.
В принципе, они молодцы, на мой взгляд, всем надо на них равняться в этом смысле и открывать свои школы.
alexesha, 11 years ago, #
That's another topic for a book Ershova. Something like "End of an era of driving dogs." It is time Breeds Goncha ... Махони, 15 years ago, #
How many zavistnikov in the comments:)) As you Aeroflot is not used to. And I say bravo! Aeroflot Bravo! Aeroflot first in Russia who has finally been osilil do so. The most important step. Well done. DiCH, 15 years ago, #
You probably do not quite understand the depth of the problem .... gospodin, 15 years ago, #
Training for a fee, would not improve the situation. Shortage of examples. But people have money they can easily give up, which will increase the profit of Aeroflot. take on rabotu in Aeroflot possible, but to dismiss and for other reasons, too easily, you can! So what courses or private study - this is not a panacea. Only the State Accreditation and state preparation can be trained spices. Well, advertising and business companies have already learned to do, but are just unwilling to share responsibility and take over. Always in the aviation industry, two solutions or technical malfunction in the ship (the old) or pilot error, but never before had any one company is not divided and took no part in the errors themselves. Esllib not fixed, please save fuel, navryadli a flight to Pulkovo crashed under Donetsk! There are many reasons for that would hide the guilt of the company and talk about nekvalifitsirovannosti pilots. So this is a regular business for the company and execution of the desire of those who do not see a force to act in the public universities and has a lot of money. Go to the doctor uchivshemusya charge or legal counsel of the university and commercial poprobuyite recover and correctly solve the case. And we studied full-time, and the bribes given the same full-time teaching. But universities themselves zaochnoo recruit professors and shout that they are public, but this is farce, not bolee.I such facts are known. This video is not more than advertising. Борт174, 15 years ago, #
Utter drivel, I am not even going to comment. Just not serious. DiCH, 15 years ago, #
I agree with the DICH!!!! BRED AND YES ONLY! Not the level of the company that twaddle! Carim, 15 years ago, #
интересно, сейчас эта школа работает? она выпустила кого нибудь? Ярослав080, 11 years ago, #
Да работает. Только учатся там через связи, туда фиг попадешь. В основном дети летчиков. AirGh0sT, 11 years ago, #
мда тупость) Ярослав080, 11 years ago, #
ну а все таки? шансов вообще нет? Ярослав080, 11 years ago, #
AirGh0sT, не пишите ерунду, коль не знаете. Школы не было никакой и нет, по крайней мере для первоначального обучения. АША (Авиационная школа Аэрофлота) занимается подготовкой бортпроводников и ПЕРЕподготовкой действующих пилотов (там еще курсы по английскому языку, опасным грузам и пр., но туда со школы поступить на летчика нельзя). a320pilot, 11 years ago, #
Aeroflotovtsy Well done! Though there is not all smooth ... And it won, and in subway ads already hang: "require a flight." Костыль, 15 years ago, #
Interestingly, as for the citizens of other countries (specifically Ukraine), may I come to this school? victor_kis, 15 years ago, #
Here too there is more​/6284.html?mode=reply maintenance, 15 years ago, #
"Smart" person of Mr. Neradko says a lot ... disp-nrsk, 15 years ago, #
We vobshe training for pilots is 100 pieces .... So 60 is not sandeo, 15 years ago, #
I am horrified, such fees, is an ordinary man, but like me did not really learn such grandmother, just horrified, I do not think that the ticket to the pilot cabin is so much ... EugenePro, 15 years ago, #
I am in shock, 65 pieces for 18 months, the price guarantee in the Aeroflot? They are human there are mad poshodili? EugenePro, 15 years ago, #
Yes, 65 pieces. And what you want to teach you for free??? If you want free of charge, the contract is signed. If you just want to learn to fly sebya, pay. The system is very correct in my opinion. Ираклий, 15 years ago, #
1 and again 1 .. All America and Europe so long ago uchat) What are 5 years ... really? And then shout, we have a deficit pilotov.Tak and you have to do ... Airplane! This is not This really is a super arhislozhnaya mashina.A who have already otseyat Mercus, 15 years ago, #
Согласен, после систем, с которыми мне, например, приходилось работать в жизни, боинг оказался значительно проще. Да, сложный, высокотехнологичный, но не слишком. В меру того, каким и должен быть современный лайнер. Поэтому 18 месяцев вполне хватит, если не филонить, чтобы обучиться и пилотированию, и ИКАО, и радиообмену и всем остальным дисциплинам. И еще налет хороший обеспечить. Если, конечно, не начинать с того, как Циолковский изобрел реактивное движение.
Просто с Советских времен тянется стереотип, что чтобы быть пилотом, надо родиться богом и всю жизнь с малолетства провести в авиакружках. Причем, этот взгляд чаще всего культивируется самими пилотами с большим летным стажем, которые летали еще на воздушных судах советского времени.
На деле сейчас некоторые симмеры (я не говорю про подростков, я имею ввиду взрослых людей), имеющие высшее техническое и активно интересующиеся авиацией, обладающие хорошими знаниями в технике и гибкостью мышления, зачастую лучше разбираются в летных вопросах и новой технике, чем некоторые бывалые летчики. И кнопки нажимают обдуманно весьма. Увы. Это я так, за симмеров вступиться хочу, которых здесь постоянно пытаются облить грязью.))
Что касается цены - да, для Америки это, возможно, и нормально - 65000 евро. У них и в обычном университете примерно такие цены. А для среднерусской зарплаты - великовато. Подешевле надо бы цену. Да условия попроще сделать - медкомиссию, возрастные ограничения, препоны с налетом часов, с переобучением на тип.
Нет, конечно, можно под все подвести базу - это, дескать, безопасность полетов. А на самом деле - это просто деньги кому-то. И отнюдь не все из них пойдут на топливо и амортизацию тренажеров.
Ну ничего, когда иностранные (готовые, сертифицированные, с налетом) летчики заполонят все наши кабины и начнут диктовать свои условия, вот тогда, может, дело сдвинется. Будем надеяться.
alexesha, 11 years ago, #
Evaluate not. Well done of course - has its own school, etc. etc. Now it will be a lot of people pereuchivat, then? Yes and how many are already in their commissioning of pilots sitting ... From the amount of money, TOV. Okulovu have to do simply nothing. Jethawk, 15 years ago, #
Scared hedgehogs naked f ... - Credits will only to those who sign the contract and run for 5 years. " Yes heap of people are happy to enter into a contract for at least 25 years. If my health allowed to pass medical board at least 2 nd row - I would have mchalsya for the ticket to Moscow, and from the station straight to the school. Well done aeroflotovtsy - and should. Enough to make pilots of any right, the mysterious priests of religion, which supposedly have for years devoted to the secrets of flight. If the student will deal only with the study matchasti, documentation, regulations, language and naletyvat hours - it is quite enough of a half years to be in the right seat. As polchavshy higher education (psychology), I can say that if the curriculum throw the small stuff like "philosophy, history, history of religion, logic, rhetoric, etc. - Can be utilized for specialty 1,5-2 years. I even say - easy! I think that the same thing for engineering - discard all the tripe and get a good specialist in a couple of years. I am talking about applied skills. For those who decided to become a scientist, of course, have all explored and expanded, and in depth. slyalikov, 15 years ago, #
It is only at first glance, all good. Simple arithmetic: 65 thousand euros - approximately 2.4 million. Divide by 5 years, we have 480 thousand rubles per year. And this is 40 thousand rubles a month. And it provided that the loan interest free. If the interest, then two more times in the beginning. Now tell me, experts, how much the salary for pilots at Aeroflot? I do not know how, but I suspect that to live those five years will have on bread and water. And it can kill any love from heaven, even the strongest. Nineties is clearly shown. Embosser, 15 years ago, #
In Transaero from FAC Carim, 15 years ago, #
Carim, if this is true, I am in shock. Is in Russia are such salary!?? Embosser, 15 years ago, #
To fill up or at least keep the staff, the airline raised the salaries of pilots in more than three times. Among them are leading Transaero, where the salary of pilots to reach 200 - 250 thousand rubles. Aeroflot also had significantly raised wages. But it is possible that soon it will be impossible to find the pilot. Not for what the money quote from RBC Carim, 15 years ago, #
The logic of a psychologist ... disp-nrsk, 15 years ago, #
Karim - keyword KVSam - even scat 1 class. And after school, without a tower, you should not have to FAC:) So Embosser rights (especially since my friend was on such a scheme arranged shas work). He said: "The take will be, but the line does not give, and the technique first class is not empty, and after the towers only (according to our rules). But the young - it easier for him to a contract not dangerous, work, family to feed is not necessary, just after he received in absentia on the same or of Ulyanovsk, Peter " RAID, 15 years ago, #
You forgive me, Bort174, but you have what it shall be nonsense. And here Donetsk, fuel savings, pay the doctor and the flight training school?? I am a doctor, studied at the budgetary basis, I also studied and the commercial and what's next? - What it could be any link with the outcome of your recovery? Why 5 years studying in St. Petersburg, to fly in an airplane? "- This is very good at Ershova described, I will not repeat. All his life in flight schools attended 2 years at the An-2, krasnodiplomschiki immediately went to the An-24. But this last century! Sorry, of course, but I do not see any sense (no sound or economic), is to teach young people to technology from Soviet times, for what?! And for this technology - 1.5 years, very then. Vozmite captain flying for 20 years, Airbus and put into a TU-134 and Yak-40 - vzhizni not even try to fly and will not be. Because there are no knowledge, and they are useless to him. If it really went on the doctor and since I'm very close ... The analogy - this is the same as in learn how mercury to treat syphilis. And to us, to become, yet how to read horse hair processing and sterilization (who neznaet, before it was used as suture material during operations) - and so are hours of training, which then put in the diploma. And the fact that all these schools are paid because after all, so everywhere! Even 10 years ago, training in SAS to Stockholm cost 10000kron year (2goda). Mr_A.K., 15 years ago, #
Miles (11.10.2008 18:23 MSK): You, dear doctor, do understand what say? Or simulator flit? Imagine that I have for 1.5 years osvoyu specialist surgeon! Why learn to 7 years! Fellowship, practices polzhizni there you still have? Is all delusion. Learn to hack a scalpel cut, and forward-zashil, failed and so will come down, live-well done, will not survive, go to him and the road. Before talking about the wisdom of a particular case, you must possess proven information. Ershov wrote a lot of good, but it is his view on life and work of the pilot and this book is not the Bible, to pray for her. Modern airliners and is complicated and simple at the same time, but few would not have been punctuated with electronics in it, he does not cease to be a PLANE! And fly in the sky! So is a complex transportation system of high-risk managed by a man! ! Donetsk-Pulkovo! You a little? What helped the boy with negligible flight commander? He could not, for all desire, because that could not and did not know how to cope with the heavy machine in such a situatsii.Nuzhny more arguments? A situation is truly catastrophic, and sadly, to date, has not popravimaya.Razryv generation of GA aircraft over 10 years! Who just now is not to sit in an armchair pilot, but understand! And bear in a circus traveling on bicycles and not bad, but they do not cease to be a bear, and often they fall into a circus is funny and all apladiruyut, as in life?-Go to the site of flight 612 ... Who postarshe and read about war, heard how many lives of young pilots to bloom, 60-100 hours produced this superiority in the air. Remove Миль, 15 years ago, #
You are wrong comparison result! you are one of the flight is not released after the maximum the school will sit right beside the FAC, as well as surgical assistant surgeon who gives the tools, etc. Carim, 15 years ago, #
Miles - you are wrong. A Mr_A.K. rights, and I support it. And the analogy VERNET. Karim - do you think all at once after training KVSami become? ;) Think about it and get beyond themselves why they said nonsense:) After a medical academy surgeon also did not immediately become, if you do not know;) And nobody you to operable patients podpustit not just ONE! Got it? more dodumyvayte yourself:) RAID, 15 years ago, #
Mr. tadi "st":) RAID, 15 years ago, #
Well guys, I might fly off in his life for three types of helicopters and two aircraft types, and so neither of which is not understood, either in air or in training for the GA. It was not that it is impossible to prepare a pilot for 1.5 years and that we'll have to vyhode.Normalnye students fly alone after 15 hours of export programs. But to fully professional yet oh how far. In the Graduate School are taught first and foremost to learn independently, think and analyze their actions and their consequences! And, many do not want and do not know how, why stretch? it will close an experienced commander. So what, if so, go to the dentist to learn ... and shock-for six months. Миль, 15 years ago, #
I agree with Miles! It is difficult to talk about aviation doctor. Fields of activity are different: the heavens and the innards. Although it is possible to deal with training in both specialties is approximately the same level ... disp-nrsk, 15 years ago, #
You guys forgot about pilots flying single samoletov.Oni after school (4 years!) Without KVSov right. So with the right training and normal aircraft equipment during training is not a criterion! Dremuchiy, 13 years ago, #
It has long been needed to start a such thing! If the State can not give good education to bloom, the companies are interested in this. Therefore, there no fools. MartinRiggs, 15 years ago, #
+1 RAID, 15 years ago, #
Gentlemen. say, to the west of where the pilots are GA? This material is not a utopia, not only told about VLEK, and examinations. this as a paid education at Harvard. money to pay more but not passed the exam and up to date! here will do the same. will teach for the money if you do, and will work if proydesh final exams. and after-school healthy guys first get into the army, and rightly so I think! my opinion that this project can then join the other airlines. Eh! I would go! poltavtscev, 15 years ago, #
So from Vleka is still not where not to go! Fridge, 15 years ago, #
If you do not know VLEK in recent years has become not the one who was under the Soviet Union - now there are many new assumptions, which nebilo earlier. However, as in the army - even with flatfoot now take ... shortage of staff;) RAID, 15 years ago, #
to RAID, originate, but only the 1st and 2nd degree (if not accompanied by arthrosis of the second stage);) Al so, for information)) Partizan-cs, 15 years ago, #
Army, for example, was so well taken .. for information;) RAID, 15 years ago, #
All is well. I've just not understood about the loan at the time of signing the contract with Aeroflot. Pay the loan company, or himself? Vlad Zaitsev, 15 years ago, #
from your wages for several years. This scheme has been in existence for many years. You work for pennies, as the office, in violation of sannnorm, because almost all of your RFP is to repay the loan under the contract. Well, leave sensitive, so that hunger does not podoh ... RAID, 15 years ago, #
Support, there is a potential Faust, 15 years ago, #
Airlines concerned about their future, and invests a lot of money to develop their own skills. Cranes do not agree with the views of those who think this is utopian. The money invested and not small, so that all will work. Look at our school. Of those who received them is not part of the specialty work, travel on the old types, which have almost no use. Why teach at the YAK 40 and then if all the early accounts pereuchivatsya. Evseev_RV, 15 years ago, #
I have the same zeal as did some of this person. Model we have cho wasted 3 years in college and then another, and Peter finished? And we will fly, others do nothing? Do not be so, guys. If the State does not want to deal with the problem of training pilots, well at least those that deal with this. And now for the steering wheel around certainly did not wish to share their 200-300 thousand per month to vipusnikami they defettsit pilots simply profitable. So guys, have to share. And to those who have sacrificed for training 2.2 million. And it is true, I think! Mihail Stepanov, 15 years ago, #
200-300 tysch month???? where such aggressive numbers??? of the head? Such salary may only Aeroflot and Pilot 1 class? at UNITS ?!!!! The remaining aircraft across Russia to drive with excess sannorm for pitiful 60-90 tysh rubles !!!!! RAID, 15 years ago, #
90 thousand possible regional ac-type Kolavia or Saravane in Transaero, S7, AFL, SCC Carim, 15 years ago, #
Kareem! and again - from whom? at FAC 1 class? or at a minimum pravaka bloom? ;) RAID, 15 years ago, #
Now classes are canceled =))) U KVSa =) but I do not think that the co-pilot gets at least 2 times less! Carim, 15 years ago, #
Karim - for AFL or Siberia nothing to say (just do not know, and speculation, as many here do, I will not build). I will say only regions. FAC receives 90-150 (who is where and who as download) and pravaki 60-80. Navigator and the smaller (there are many of them turned out too). One only CHVVAUSH year almost half tyschschi produces. About bortachey do not know. It will be interesting - will try to find out. RAID, 15 years ago, #
90-150 ratio 60-80 ... so it is with TCO, you can count! I will try to find out exactly how many other pilots, I know only by 100% in Transaero and SkyExpress to 250 tysch from KVSov! Carim, 15 years ago, #
Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airlines, in fact, Singapore Airlines (and this is one of the largest carriers in the world where security and quality are at the highest level) train their pilots for 1 year! Of these, 2 months - a theoretical course and 10 months, they fly and are Frozen ATPL with 280 hours of flying. Jazz, 15 years ago, #
You do not confuse the West and Rossiiyu! Remember itoriyu. I do not detract from Russia, but the idea of business is not more. Борт174, 15 years ago, #
Bort174, and you do not confuse commercial and general;) who will not be for those babki commercial, can become a general and a pleasure to fly in until you're in the sim etc. .. play;) RAID, 15 years ago, #
ahahahhah =)))))))) brutality with humor .... but the truth =)))) Carim, 15 years ago, #
Да, 1 год. Вот только до этого многие из них в ВВС уже отлетали. Tory, 11 years ago, #
This movie does not deserve the attention! Борт174, 15 years ago, #
This movie deserves the attention! It is noteworthy only your gallbladder;) RAID, 15 years ago, #
To be honest, is a utopia! Summerdream, 15 years ago, #
"Anyone already on the school can begin training and become a pilot. The truth for a lot of money ..."..... So what will happen next, so "anyone" can become a pilot? There is in the light of those idiots who are doing everything for money, all for a beloved. All in all a delusion. Not anyone. A medical board? Health and psychological tests? They are going to cancel, just to pay the money? What's happening at all, some stuff is solid CosmoLaika, 15 years ago, #
you listen to both in Europe and America just solid stuff :)))))) RAID, 15 years ago, #
Here's my question to SU7, so there you are 5 years old are taught that it is steeper than the western zdacha fATPL.vot only seriously, and attacked you in Ulyanovsk how many hours total, with the touch of you even no nebudet look to the west at least 195 hours, and they later find employment is not realistic, but after you if I Ulyanovsk memory unchangeable about 65 hours. Those who say that pridurki priydut in this school and go from there pilots, then I will say one thing: now when pridurok zdast All of atpl theory, it is no longer pridurok and prepared at least in theory linneynny pilot. disbelief, try maxropa, 15 years ago, #
No, I do not really support the program, which is now accepted to train pilots. Indeed, much is outdated, given few hours - against the backdrop of the West, of course, looks rather poorly. But I said that the students receive higher education, ie, they are not professional pilot and an engineer-pilot, which has particular advantages. I am now 23 years old, and obviously I would like to spit on all of the tower and begin to fly. But on the other hand, I get a full education, military departments, and easily able to find a job, and including Aeroflot, after it - this is in response to what has been said about the concerns about the employment of graduates of colleges. Besides, I do believe that for one and a half to two years is difficult to teach a person the sense of a direct flight, it is hard to understand the complex for such period, all the nuances associated with flight operations. At about the same ATPL - just the other day I was given a test to obtain a certificate Jeppesen line pilot, and I can say that I am now, as the second-, have to answer many questions, which, incidentally, is quite superficial. For example, in the section Principles of flight (this is one of 15 included in this test) was the question - to convert temperature from degrees Celsius to Kelvin - well, not all such simple, but it's a school course of physics. Actually what I am talking about - not five years old suffer from garbage, it is obvious that the same subjects that are taught in the west, we are exploring a much more doskanalno, and let many will say that the pier in flight it is not necessary - so no less than , the pilot must have a good and rich theoretical base, and the more he will know, the safer it will fly. Although, of course, does not argue that the raid is short. And it, in the last year increased to 150, with this - up to 240 hours. In fact, I doubt that this will be, but no less clear progress in the face. SU7, 15 years ago, #
And I think that RosTrans not accept that the wheel would be placed in one and half years of training, the project fails. gospodin, 15 years ago, #
agree, one and a half years - a very short time to become a pilot. (This, of course, the sarcasm, but to teach a programmer 2-3 years (in Moscow) Yes ........... CosmoLaika, 15 years ago, #
Ndaaaa ..... Sorry, but how much do you must take time to be able to sit at the helm??? If that is the summer uchilesche at 70h my father studied for 2 years and sat in the right seat An-24. And you know that the pilot of the aircraft, for example Beechcraft "Prime 1", every 6 months is required to fly off the program at trenazhore? Otherwise, he simply has no right to fly at all "foreigners" probably do the same. And what is the difference in how much uchat programmer in Moscow. Mr_A.K., 15 years ago, #
how much lamer broadcasts:))) and learn for six months and can sit at the helm Boeing. Question - Who will teach: for six months, learned only self-sufficient person with a higher education behind their backs. Ash stump that 18letnego yuntsa will shape much longer. At in the forum is a two-year branch of one of the graduates from flight school. Read this, you will be informative - a man sat down at the wheel (not the first time, but as has already finished the pilot) one year after the training. RAID, 15 years ago, #
Nothing of the sort, after school, our graduates are settled immediately and absolutely no problem in Aeroflot, S7, Transaero, and as you understand, not the 134-ku, and immediately to A320/B737. And do not forget - the school is not higher education, and in college (at least in UVAU GA), a person receives a much more intimate knowledge than any medium-specific academic institution, that in our day is never over. I understand that throughout the world, the profession developed a much more rapid manner than we have, but it is incomparable to the principle of the thing, because we are talking about two different types of education. Plus the whole do not forget about such trifles, as a service in the army ... SU7, 15 years ago, #
Why not enroll in flight school? NeoHack, 15 years ago, #
So that in a summer school need to unlearn is clearly not one and a half years, and further your career pilot for a very big question, who you are and where you need without a raid on a certain type of AC! Then immediately after the proposed half years working in the best of country air, good ..... is not it? =) Actually hdorovo have done in Europe, won a second with scores of summer and the profession of pilot HAVO not a problem, we also very strict requirements for pilots, and seriously get into this field, but .... feel ray of sun =) Carim, 15 years ago, #
PPC, there is video, there are words OKUlova ALREADY scored the first group is already the project has passed all agree !!!!! "After the end of the course to sign a contract with Aeroflot" And whom are you there still runs???? First, find out and then shout and sputter! Carim, 15 years ago, #
nd stupid, stupid th ... you call the word contract understand that there is a view? saliva flowing from you, halyava lol Simulyant, 15 years ago, #
Hear thou our osokrbleniya zasun in one place, do not know how to communicate without the inclusion of cattle go to the forum NFS or Sounter Strike, where and how people want obzyvay! NDS! Carim, 15 years ago, #
Break girl, I'll tell you as a person who has a valid source of information, download the necessary minimum in the private aero, having higher education and the past (when HIGH) Secondary education in a summer school (1 year, because the "tower" is) and now standing on the scales of one of the Russian AK to train with the subsequent conclusion of the summer without vsyakiz tysch 65 euros. The contract - is when over 65 tysch ue you teach (you do not have to pay almost anything), but then you are within 5 years of working almost for free because all of your salary goes to the repayment of the amount of the contract. What you see is the illegal people, posted the video, I wonder! RAID, 15 years ago, #
why are illegal, and do not understand?? kramor, 15 years ago, #
65 tys.evro.Eto and not expensive, but not deshevo.v Bolivia Boing757 to teach for 6 months and it is worth 12t.dollarov Mercus, 15 years ago, #
v ispanii 60000evro i 2 goda pasha15, 15 years ago, #
I, too! Ираклий, 15 years ago, #
I will come there KIVLAR, 15 years ago, #