There is preview UMMS scenery which is under development at the moment. I just decided to put it here, but initialy this video was made for guys who's creating UMMS scenery to show what we have on the moment when video created...
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Yes, there actually was nothing to blame:) precise cause was not. A sharp .. Duc, why not;) flaps tipped and fell down himself. Albert Sl, 13 years ago, #
+5 for Google, for a preview -5 = 0 Alexey Gerget, 15 years ago, #
Oh, this Gergeti;) did not please him Albert Sl, 15 years ago, #
Spread over only! Tu134, 15 years ago, #
So after a response or not? For X or 9? RA85807, 15 years ago, #
For 9 sima Aleks, 15 years ago, #
This FS2004! :) Красная Стрела, 15 years ago, #
Only 5, Albert welcome! I hope it is for FSX! Vista...., 15 years ago, #
Under the FSX has not sharpen, but if someone would desire - welcome. We can provide all gmaksovye materials for the project to compile them from the scene under the FSX. Albert Sl, 15 years ago, #
Under FSX is also almost ready. A small hitch with FS9 teksturkami, but I hope soon all be solved Albert Sl, 15 years ago, #
Spread quickly VYTAS, 15 years ago, #
And more! Spread, do not where to fly! DRUMMERBOY, 15 years ago, #
Please say it is for X =)) KIVLAR, 15 years ago, #
Under isky also made the scene, but not us. I hope that the release will be almost at the same time;) Here is a normal aircraft fired for 'X' one thread, but all beautiful, but not on the fly than Albert Sl, 15 years ago, #
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I mean X-Plane Albert Sl, 15 years ago, #
And who is to perform? "The killers"? Uran, 15 years ago, #
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