I decided to lay out to the public call of runway 08 at LOWI (Innsbruck, Austria). Recording included when flying the runway threshold with a reverse direction. Flaps while released on 28 *, the chassis is also released. The weather is almost the minimum CDW: visibility 8 km, Barometer 6000 ft. Gpos = 79,7 m, Hpos = 27.3% MAC, Vref = 265 km / h.
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Five deserved. shura61, 11 years ago, #
Passed! Alignment almost at once and very fast and clear. If it were not for the pilot's skill, if you honestly thought that would be a faster-touch front desk. And about how many techniques to align an answer is, alignment, and is maturing and it is two different things. A few escaped from the center and the velocity on the release WFP is really too high. So usually gathered at the lawn. KJC, 11 years ago, #
Landing on the axle - this is not an end in itself. Much more important to move parallel to this axis, and a meter on the right or the left of the three is not so prinitsipialno. maxmik, 11 years ago, #
I would argue, landing on the axis is exactly the purpose and it must be sought, because of this especially in bad weather conditions (low visibility, low koef.stsepleniya, a large deviation runway, big crosswind, the partial failure of braking or rupture of pneumatics and etc.) may depend very much. Another matter is the practical side of the issue, and here I agree with you completely, "is more important to move along this axis ...", but that's as far left or right so as I said above, maybe even in principle. isc, 11 years ago, #
Landing on the axle - this is not a goal but a consequence of the correct stabilized approach. If lateral deviation from the axis of no more than half the width of the runway and the trajectory is parallel to the axis, it is better option than landing on the axis, but at an angle (ie the vector of the ground speed) to its destination. Do you agree? maxmik, 11 years ago, #
How could it be otherwise? The fact that the landing ground speed vector should be directed along the axis of the runway that goes without saying. But while seeking to have that and CT plane coincided with the center line of the runway. isc, 11 years ago, #
Worthless white stripes on the concrete does not represent that aims nimenno them. That motion parallel to the axis - is yes. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
isc, strive to, but do not have this desire to do. He sat on the axle - boy, master! He sat three meters to the left, but parallel to the axis - the same fellow! maxmik, 11 years ago, #
I am not against this approach. Each determines where he sits down, left or right. I have to ensure that failure or slippery lane, even taxiing with lateral deviation, these meters you can simply not be enough and will carry a pair of three skylights. And so, as they say, the taste and color. I say this because in Reale fly and he found himself flying through inexperience in such situations. In each case, to think and decide. isc, 11 years ago, #
To FireFly: white stripes on the runway they are of great value not only to motor in parallel to them, and for the proper vyrulivaniya and srulivaniya with the band, as well as to reduce the effect of speed and determination of the demolition at the last stage of approach, we can determine the slope and runway length and even maintain direction and path of the takeoff run. isc, 11 years ago, #
Much more rolling out happened because it was this desire - certainly to sit on the axle. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
Well, not true. This is you just have nothing else to oppose. Sit on the axis are taught in all flight schools and academies in the world. It is the standard by which including estimated and the quality of landing while taking exams for a license of the pilot. And this is really the ability to put on a regular basis just on the axis, which comes with experience. Just definitely do not need to bring all of insanity. isc, 11 years ago, #
That is what we were trying to say with FireFly - no need to bring to the decay and at any price put on the axle. Strive to be, but not put it to the entire call - it is in another. And all those factors that you have listed, of course must be taken into account and on the basis of their decision must be made about the accuracy of landing position. PS Note that as soon as a normal video, commentary came in a very constructive manner. This is good! :) maxmik, 11 years ago, #
Seek and sit on the axle should be. But you can not do it at the expense of other, sometimes more important parameters of call. In this video a dangerous landing. The vector was directed from the steering axis, and corrected the trajectory after the inclusion of the reverse - in a good neposadochnoe position. bocman, 11 years ago, #
Yes, and plus to hang around for half a meter. Ugly. bocman, 11 years ago, #
You know there is a certain standard of quality and safe landing, which is in touch in the signs of landing zone, the design speed of contact and the axis. Rest-philosophy. We can not exaggerate how much you want, but in this case, we either can not do this or do not wish to carry out the standards that made the annexation of the ICAO and painted white lines of varying thickness along the runway. Practice flight makes adjustments in the consciousness of the pilot, but it is important that the correctness of these adjustments was still at the level of safety standards, rather than the desire to simplify the task of the pilot. Agree easier to sit down at higher speeds, not in signs and not on the axis. But some combination of factors, the occurrence of which the pilot can not predict such a landing can be dangerous. Of course meters left and right, a few meters or tens of meters (for a specific type and length of the runway) in length, plus / minus 10-15 km / hour speed touch little impact on the safety of landing in good weather conditions and equipment serviceability. But there are standards by which to teach and it must be sought. Passengers who board the plane are confident that you will all do as you taught, rather than create amateur. This incidentally applies to the desire to constantly "rubbing" jet to the belt. Well do not teach well. Rocket technology and almost leveled with a very short rest time should cover band. Regarding the comments, personally I always try to make sure they were constructive and instructive. isc, 11 years ago, #
isc, thanks for the detailed comment. And my previous postskriputm treated the general trend of discussions in avsime, and not to your comments. Happy and all the best in the new year! Sincerely, Maxim. maxmik, 11 years ago, #
Thank you for your congratulations, maxmik! I, too, in turn, wish you and all forum participants in the new 2010 Siberian health and success in aviation, even if only in the simulator. The main thing is not to sit idly by and someday you podymesh in the sky with these hands and this plane. Thank you for the beautiful and comment. All the best. isc, 11 years ago, #
Thank you for your detailed comments! All you guys are the best in the new year! Isc, I never try to "grind", because a soft landing - this is the correct alignment of Sunset and more technical, rather than effort to withstand aircraft per meter. After all, from the same meter, and then collapse on the strip. In this case, landing directly on RLE, ie touch at a speed of Vref-10 km / h with vertikalkoy 0,5 m / sec. bocman, 11 years ago, #
And I thank you for the video! Very much. Guys, Happy New Year! Long live the domestic aviation! praga, 11 years ago, #
and foreign aeroporoty: D FireFly, 11 years ago, #
to bocman: I try to land the plane based on the actual weather conditions and without a stop in the direction of a burn. But a soft landing as possible is always better to rough. Regarding the touch and speed with him, at least in FlightSafety taught to perform on Vref. What I personally fully agree with them. And in life Vref-5kt perfectly acceptable, as I absolutely agree with you. isc, 10 years ago, #
Have your FlightSafety with physics problem? FireFly, 10 years ago, #
Так круто снижался, что я подумал, щас о переднюю стойку долбанёт (моё мнение) Щитомордник154М, 1 month ago, #
Уважаю) novator908, 5 years ago, #
Молодец! GoldWing, 8 years ago, #
So many times looked, and every time the hand forgets to put the estimate (jitter) Vladimir_76, 10 years ago, #
Cool APPROACH !!!=))) UOII, 10 years ago, #
Another would be the scene of the port from Aerosoft set. pilot_an12, 10 years ago, #
If I had this video lecturing to the "Simulators", then ponastavil have a whole slew of "krasyavostey. And the essence of this section is not in the beauty outside the window, and the beauty of flying. ;) bocman, 10 years ago, #
it is five) kroll, 10 years ago, #
Very concise and timely commentary. In addition to the traditional "it's five" can be applied "author, Pesci ischo", "cool", etc. КурсМП, 10 years ago, #
fie on you)))) kroll, 10 years ago, #
Great entry and landing! But the sharp alignment at low altitude is not quite the right decision .... can gust of wind and then a guaranteed flight, which in a short length of runway is fraught vykatom.A everything is fine, well done! Flint540, 10 years ago, #
pretorian, schematic presentation to show? FireFly, 10 years ago, #
Flint540, this is not a sharp alignment, and normal, which is just and guarantees of the outbursts, flights and other troubles. FireFly, 10 years ago, #
Yes, please Pretorian, 10 years ago, #
http://www.ori.hu/getfile/LOWI​.pdf Page 11, then 14. FireFly, 10 years ago, #
Comment deleted. I apologize to the author. Pretorian, 10 years ago, #
Beauty! maximus7373, 10 years ago, #
Ok, Alex) Just takes pride in "our "=)))) Kesson, 10 years ago, #
class! RedFox, 10 years ago, #
only five! very nice! ozvuchka also liked going to wait voiceovers ту134, 11 years ago, #
Professionally .... Seamer not likely go down and imprisoned. Movement of wheel completely as a living ... Interesting .. ozvuchka Crew tried? IgorStr, 11 years ago, #
Simmer Simmer strife, as well as his training. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
It is planted very well prepared Simmer Stakan, 11 years ago, #
I stood there with an airplane once in my life 20 years ago. This is a monument to the AN-24 on the left bank of the Voronezh. That's all professional. bocman, 10 years ago, #
who voiced the crew? KVStu134, 11 years ago, #
Do not believe it - a team electricians rural telephony. Honestly. ))) Only voice, unfortunately, lost forever. When we can take to do it again - I do not know. I will not promise anything. bocman, 10 years ago, #
Charming! raiders747, 11 years ago, #
Excellent performance! Only the highest grade! Technique, knowledge .. well done though right now, soot and fly) NikTroinik, 11 years ago, #
Beautiful! MarcusPreston, 11 years ago, #
Bravo! And such a livery where you can get? It looks good! vit_75, 11 years ago, #
This livery of our WAC. Accordingly, it is available only to our pilots. bocman, 11 years ago, #
And how to get to your WAC? vit_75, 11 years ago, #
But to come here and get in touch with the boss:) http://www.va-skyairlines.ru/i​ndex.php?option=com_fireboard&​amp;Itemid=4 НЕБО, 11 years ago, #
everything perfectly. fellow Sar-Avia, 11 years ago, #
offset! SLAVJAN, 11 years ago, #
Not Kouevi but sunset, merrily probably Pax sit during the call Stakan, 11 years ago, #
And I liked the alignment. At least that's taught, and not all can. And generally Sunset literate, that rarity on this site. Mihail Stepanov, 11 years ago, #
A question for filming than overpowers Throw a link Virpilot, 11 years ago, #
Fraps. This fee-based program. bocman, 11 years ago, #
krassivy sunset .... aftor classroom voice like finish .. Go on ... elf, 11 years ago, #
EE ... If colleagues have - necessarily lay out. To do this, I never intended. Still, I advise to wait for release v2.03. Just a formality: voiced commands and reports of FAC. That sounds like my voice. So as a lay out (if the team is not opposed to Fri), then the files themselves rewrite his own voice, or simply eliminate them. bocman, 11 years ago, #
When I flew it. But with this course in Innsbruck, do not go, if I'm wrong let me right. " Actually Respekt. VITALIIO, 11 years ago, #
Crewe-y-YTO. FuNjY, 11 years ago, #
like Suharik, 11 years ago, #
IMHO a bit ugly alignment turned out (in 2 divided doses), but it is not so important. if wrong and rectify. aiRoNe, 11 years ago, #
Alignment was normal - in one step. He just Podvis the subway to and from this meter does not drop the second movement "caught. maxmik, 11 years ago, #
That is what I had in mind. aiRoNe, 11 years ago, #
Hang on there. But show me at least one pilot Tu-154M, which never freezes. ;) Given the lack of landing distance, it was decided to release spoilers before the touch, respectively, had to pick up to avoid "land with a flourish." bocman, 11 years ago, #
Do not you teach young people ill. Well, flying to another 150 meters:) FireFly, 11 years ago, #
Like hell he would then be managed as effectively Srul ... :)))) maxmik, 11 years ago, #
Certainly not had time to. And if you go under the three red lights on the PAPI and to sit down without a hang - it is only really possible Srul the dry zone, applying the brakes from a speed of 225 (if the temperature allows it) and turning off the reverse on the 120. You can turn off the engine and the second in time, although it is a violation would be. bocman, 11 years ago, #
Guys, how to cross the new VC from the PT Tu-154M and Vizualku of vitamins? alex96lt, 11 years ago, #
Personally I have everything from Fri bocman, 11 years ago, #
does lockon, 11 years ago, #
Excellent! Whose voice the crew? Ant0n1o, 11 years ago, #
Postproduction flight attendants laid out for all. Its author is Aleksei AlphaOmega. And the crew - my own, yet unfinished. I make purely for themselves. bocman, 11 years ago, #
By the way, work on the updated device RѕR·RІSѓS‡RєRyo continues ... albeit very low rates ... AlphaOmega, 11 years ago, #
bocman, then share RѕR·RІSѓS‡RєRѕR№ crew, please? Liked very) Ant0n1o, 11 years ago, #
Yes, and I support Ant0n1o are finished with RѕR·RІSѓS‡RєRѕR№ Share. shura61, 11 years ago, #
bocman, please give reference to the flight attendants voice acting from AlphaOmega. Could not find ... Ant0n1o, 11 years ago, #
Oh, and he has something not found. Alex, can you tell yourself referring to your voice acting with a colleague? "If you do not find, write to lichku - somewhere I'll send or lay out. bocman, 11 years ago, #
Yeah, not one day of training ... RA-85512, 11 years ago, #
Naturally! But even under the guidance of classroom instructors in Kulp. Strongly recommend to all. http://www.protu-154.net/forum​/viewforum.php?f=26&;sid=84db112f03eff1e4f1a5a7dad58990c5 bocman, 11 years ago, #
Lesch, impeccably! Six. Kulp bored without you:) Not srulivay with WFP on such opuptielnoy speed. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
Felix, I just wanted to "vypendritsya. :) Usually I sit down at the first signs, and here and skipped wide. More so I will not. bocman, 11 years ago, #
and where is it located and what uchebka time learning? tell my NikTroinik, 11 years ago, #
Overall, not bad, if we close our eyes to a sharp scoring touch in front of the nose and landing not on the axis Georgian_Airways, 11 years ago, #
Remember the image of the picture. The fact that you saw it and have the correct landing and in terms of alignment and in terms of solutions is not necessarily sit on the axle, which only strips on the concrete. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
Course on TNG does not comply with the rate (LSD) posadki.Vidimo TCS was not translated into mag.mer. a / p pribytiya.No overall EXCELLENT! ROCK_AVIA, 11 years ago, #
TCS was given to the magnetic meridian LOWI Moreover, even agreed to it, because I took off from the same port. Why did you decide that this is not so? bocman, 11 years ago, #
His sword and encoder rate to the TNG confused. 68 degrees is a course lokolayzera. At the intersection of the beam - a U-turn. What you've done. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
Planting rate exhibited at the PNP does not match the rate with which it had landed, about 10 degrees (with sign -), is clearly visible on video.I director does not work, although the exchange rate bracket for lateral PNP showed otklonenie.Zahod which was a visual? ROCK_AVIA, 11 years ago, #
Yes. At 08 th running Visual Approach. maxmik, 11 years ago, #
ROCK_AVIA, in Innsbruck, no landing or from one direction to match the rate of runway with a sword in the TNG. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
"Great Satan in hell!" (c) Leh that you have to brake, which can be taxiing to inhibit? :) maxmik, 11 years ago, #
Brakes nazyvayuisya headwind. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
Oops, forgot to say about wind: a complete calm. We had to Shift + Z a couple of times to press, so there was no doubt. A conventional brakes, only two roughness afford: 1) Issue interceptors to touch, 2) inclusion of the reverse until it touches the front rack. That's all brakes. bocman, 11 years ago, #
Me and Max were surprised, because even skips past the turn with a whistle. You can catch, sitting exactly at the first signs, but they can not sit down without violating the height of the passage end. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
"Whistling" is not the word! :) maxmik, 11 years ago, #
All kruto.Skazhu one: in Innsbruck carcass does not fly TimTimur, 11 years ago, #
Well, so there is no such airline. And in the Sim is, and it means a whole bird in Innsbruck fly! =) FuNjY, 11 years ago, #