One of my first landings with Aeropract A22
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→ Date: 13 years ago (23.12.2010 11:02)
→ Author: Albert Slovak
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Interesting airplane is a modern version of the Piper Cub color matches the yellow color, the location of the wing above the fuselage and sizes. Авиасиммер, 13 years ago, #
Perfect landing and species just super! :) Pavel-114, 13 years ago, #
Thank you Albert Sl, 13 years ago, #
Emirates, beautiful ... Landing 5 and of course a good band. denpilot, 13 years ago, #
our KVSU Sergei Buhantsu thanks:) He's me on the drug "hoisted";) Excellent instructor and experienced commanders .. for all three days of flight from the first moments never interfered in the administration, only comments on the case and the positive support:) So like I said, "flying cross Dad:) Albert Sl, 13 years ago, #
Oh, and landscape. Comrade, 13 years ago, #
Hehe:) The landscape corresponds to the flight area:)) Albert Sl, 13 years ago, #
excellent Aielron, 13 years ago, #
Sorry that's just not able to remove the very first landing, as the camera is not there. More precisely there seemed not landing was a touch and care .. came out sideways, well, decided it was best "for gas and in the sky" than koryachitsya on the strip Albert Sl, 13 years ago, #
Good posadochka 5K YAMAL420, 13 years ago, #
Israel? LennyPilot, 13 years ago, #
Emirates:) Albert Sl, 13 years ago, #
well done;) Tim24, 13 years ago, #