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→ Date: 13 years ago (20.12.2009 05:48)
→ Author: Operation red flag
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our best fighter in the world. Can zaminusit me))) qip88, 13 years ago, #
Must zaminusit those who say the opposite! Captain_Denis, 13 years ago, #
Our best fighter fighter fighter in the world, and not only istrebitili not pereistrebityat them fighter:) _G® LainerRRW, 13 years ago, #
+100! :)) qip88, 13 years ago, #
F-18 apart from the competition, udelaet moment in chips Pilot_Tu134, 13 years ago, #
What is proved? What I am in this video is not uvdiel that renewals. pro100gamer, 13 years ago, #
qip88 +100, I zaplyusil you. I fully support and LainerRRW: the extermination of the foreign fighters, our best fighter on fighter fighter! Jeka_M, 13 years ago, #
Z.Y. Continue to argue, but I still go for popcorn :-) Jeka_M, 13 years ago, #
This video wool xDD))) F-18 is power, high-tech, deadly fighter, and a moment is rubbish, or more simply Thrash;) Pilot_Tu134, 13 years ago, #
2 Jeka_M: mutual) qip88, 13 years ago, #
XDDDDDD Well you give. pro100gamer, 13 years ago, #
2 Pilot Tu134: say that the MiG-29 OVT too rubbish? qip88, 13 years ago, #
2 Pro100gamer: Yes, we zhzhOm! (c) xDD qip88, 13 years ago, #
Amerekansky litter detekted: D LainerRRW, 13 years ago, #
About! US Army fans detest. LainerRRW, 13 years ago, #
Here we American shpienov that promote their technique and compute:) Jeka_M, 13 years ago, #
Jeka_M +1 XDD pro100gamer, 13 years ago, #
qip88mem trash this mig29 with its thrust-vectoring engines;) F-18 of his udelat ))))) Pilot_Tu134, 13 years ago, #
Let's see: D LainerRRW, 13 years ago, #
Video is very mediocre. It is a mish-mash of badly mounted borrowed from foreign films. Who's who won did not really tell. The screen shows the most F-15 and F-16. Hornet is almost not visible. As to the question, who is stronger, then (ceteris paribus - the training of pilots and technical condition of machines) MiG-29 surpasses the American fighters except the F-22. This implicitly recognize and NATO. Otherwise, why would they leave armed with the Luftwaffe our MiGs. A F-18 has no chance against the MiG-29, because he really attack aircraft carrier-based air defense and fighter aircraft-carrier connections. As a fighter, so he intended to deal with strangers bombers, not fighters gaining dominance in the air, such as the MiG-29 and Su-27 and subsequent dry. Here in the comments that have been expressed. And, with regard to outer beauty, I personally like more of our fighters. From the U.S. do think more attractive F-14 and F-15. Hornet - just disproportionate monster, like all that has been created Northrop (subsequent participation in the development of MD aircraft, his appearance did not improve). If it is someone like business master. Someone and Boris Moiseev like ... Karadag, 13 years ago, #
Да да. Все российское превосходит все американское (кроме F22). Жаль что это превосходство бурлит только в головах ура-патриотов, в реальности у того же F15 в личных встречах с МиГ29 счет 4:0, но понятное дело самолеты были хорошие, пилоты плохие... Vortex 17, 2 years ago, #
The most important thing in my head that is in the cockpit, and if he's ready in case of alerting the whole theory and practice to translate into battle. If so, in conjunction with the possibilities of the combat vehicle, he has a great chance not only to have to survive but also to have hit the target. If not, then even the Su-37 or YF-22 would blunt the flying logs, which fall "does not fly up" (figuratively). Ravnmm, 13 years ago, #
Yes, our drying Set "these", even no doubt be Blast94, 13 years ago, #
Ah ... just not in the technical condition that now (((... fly full only One unit ... 19900226rus, 13 years ago, #
Well, our planes and not such a deplorable state, can break both the old and the new fighter. The Americans are good at it. Yes, and what would have been a plane, old, new, everything depends on the pilot. Is74USSR, 13 years ago, #
And the overload 9 One unit of the fighter with extended service life, whose parts are from decommissioned aircraft, can long "Carousel" to drive?) 19900226rus, 13 years ago, #
The fact that there ... Of the five non-working MiGs collect one less letabelny ( 19900226rus, 13 years ago, #
Подобный спор, это так, баловство!. Состязание в красноречии и квасном патриотизме. А реальность, почему-то, иная: иностранные партнёры и заказчики один за другим отказываются покупать МиГи по причине их низкого качества и малопригодности в современном воздушном бою. Ах, ну да! Как же я мог забыть - там же просто лётчики-пилоты никакие... ;-) Oceanair, 2 years ago, #
I for F-18. "I simply prefer the F-18, beautiful, graceful, powerful, and the entire Armiya U.S. there is no accounting for tastes." Nikd4, 13 years ago, #
The "hand-fighting" in the air 1 on 1 with F/A-18 no chance against the MiG, as rate of climb, maximum overload, etc. a hornets 29ki.Da behind it and is not intended for such encounters, he a fighter-attack aircraft! (F-fighter/A-attacker). If we compare the support of their troops on the battlefield-29ki (no, not SMT, but just or A) lose Shershnev, which was created for this purpose. Now to compare the Su-34 and F/A-18E Super Hornet. Heinkel, 13 years ago, #
Su-34 or Su-35? paavo, 13 years ago, #
The Su-34 ... because that F/A-18E yavlyaetsya weighted (modernized) version of the F-18 with advanced features of the earth, as well as on the Su-34 Su-27. 19900226rus, 13 years ago, #
Clearly, thanks for the advice. paavo, 13 years ago, #
Oh well ... if only the MiG-29 first series, 1988 release and without weapons ... That is their F-18 pilots were to stutter when the MiG-29 OVT fly ... And he started in many exhibitions flies "out of competition "compete on agility not with anyone ... RF-01037, 13 years ago, #
Yes, it is the first, and without arms, ashamed seen from 29 OVT hack to death))) subaru590, 13 years ago, #
Interestingly, and as the song is called nepodskazhite) Grihan, 12 years ago, #
Manowar pleased. Morgenshtern, 13 years ago, #
no patchwork of clippings, it is generally that one movie about global teaching - Red flag. In the film, in general, there is not any MIGs, but a potential enemy (Russia) are F-16. I watched the movie in full and in high quality, very RyoRЅS‚RµSЂRµRЅSЃRѕ. Pity we have no such teachings. Rompas, 13 years ago, #
Mig and Su - this is our strength !!!!! Sound from the Fast and the Furious chilly to the bones, but the F18 is also bad (outside) korsar795, 13 years ago, #
F-18, handsome, and instant and Su bucket with nuts;) Pilot_Tu134, 13 years ago, #
How is it better if I do not know, I do not aviation expert, I can not say I just do better to see the F-18, handsome, graceful, powerful, like the rest of the U.S. Army, no accounting for tastes - this is your Comment, why do you nickname contains the name of the next "bucket with nuts? Stakan, 13 years ago, #
Go see a man with a callsign Pilot_Tu134 most removed from the aircraft, compared with other flight simulation fans in this site. You would Pilot_Tu134 before held such a heresy At least a few have studied the subject matter. Сокол, 13 years ago, #
I for F-18, a good car Pilot_Tu134, 13 years ago, #
And what is he so good that it is best MiG-29? Is74USSR, 13 years ago, #
because he was American))) pro100gamer, 13 years ago, #
Hornet car quite beautiful, but the MiG-29 beautiful! And in general, Americans are still trying to repeat the system of variable thrust vector, and we already have it! Stakan, 13 years ago, #
that the truth is the truth, Hornet beautiful, not that freak f-15. but the Su-27 ruliiiit!! pro100gamer, 13 years ago, #
totally agree with you! Stakan, 13 years ago, #
How is it better if I do not know, I do not aviation specialist, I can not say I just do better to see the F-18, handsome, graceful, powerful as the whole U.S. army, no accounting for tastes. Pilot_Tu134, 13 years ago, #
Oh, as for me - what a freak _G® MiG and Su us all! At the sight of these planes, my heart shrinks and creeps all over his body! LainerRRW, 13 years ago, #
Yeah. Pilot_Tu134, as non-aeronautical specialist udelal all their sincere love for the United States and its army. :) What were you an expert and how do your love? :) Ру19300, 13 years ago, #
By Pilot_Tu134: That honestly do not understand how you can not love their country and not love what we have! Let us not all is well, let us have a government people do not think about the state, (By the way, you not the case from the state. Apparatus, and there just like Pindos), but people should respect their country and unfortunately, our people do not understand this . Tupolev134, 13 years ago, #
удаленный комментарий
This survey study migami battles between the Luftwaffe and 82 Squadrons VFA United States, held in 1998 in eastern Germany. Specific data on the results of training the fighting never made public. Who cares can read here:​s/mig29vsfa18/mig29vsfa18.htm temp, 13 years ago, #
That's right, I have an S„RyoR»SЊRјRµS†, "Asa Luftwaffe, from pistons to" is there a casual talk about these joint exercises, the results are made public, but the Soviet Union at the time suggested, rumored to organize such an event with the Russian pilots from which to pendosy politely refused. (82 VFA if not mistaken) and that "struggled" with MiGami, referred to certain circumstances in weaponry. A missile from 50:1 in our favor. (P-73 and AIM-9M mean))) PySy: R¤RyoR»SЊRјRµS† would be flooded, but ... 700MB of poor quality, if you squeeze - nothing will be visible) subaru590, 13 years ago, #
By publishing parts of the thread somewhere, will be interesting to see!) temp, 13 years ago, #
qip88 +100500 901-ый, 13 years ago, #
Hm. In this battle, military pilot training to turn the skull at 360 degrees.:) Although it is from him that is not required. At the Air Force are missiles air-air, that fly in all directions, a fairly long distances, even a pilot to enter the zone of military conflict is not necessary, you only need to click the Start button, everything else for him to do on-board computer. interflug8, 13 years ago, #
Do you think that enough pulnut rocket and you can forget about the plane? There are all sorts of "NO". Usually behind the line of contact between the loitering flight director active jamming, it is difficult to find and target detection. Reduces the likelihood of destroying the target with one missile. Each GSN missiles have their own characteristics: detection range, the range of capture at avtosoprvozhdenie, range start and range destruction. Well, by itself, the goal will be to carry out various options for anti-missile maneuvers, which is easier to do at a great distance in the distant air battle than in the Middle. And also, as a rule, the fighters of the enemy has a jammer, a station decoy. All of the above in the complex is a very complex task, and fill up the fighter is not easy. Slava1983, 13 years ago, #
+1! It's not all, and easy! Why do you think engineers are building on the maneuverability of fighter aircraft, when the rocket almost smarter than the pilots? That's just it, to get away from the rocket science, too, though not the most difficult. A score for an examination of the science may be aligning themselves with life. victr3756, 13 years ago, #
Science is called "Tactics". Moreover, we in the school had "hem" spatial thinking, as all phases of military flight reflected mathematically. Including the sheer number of crews, the number of required combat charge, the required number of aircraft for the destruction of a target, etc. So science is very complex. And we have a diploma on the subject defended. Slava1983, 13 years ago, #
If we in the civil aviation so many problems, present some problems for military pilots. I am referring to two cases under Chitoyu crashed two military aircraft due to equipment failure. The reason is trivial: do not fly here, and rusted appliances, sadly.: (Although recently there was a feast on our street year-old brother. I went from morning to buy gifts to family, and looked at the sky. Over our city are airways, and when they fly planes always seen, reserve the white stripes. Like the song from Kikabidze.:). Weather has been flying on the blue frosty sky no cloud. And at 9.30 am slowly flew over the town on board a civil air route from West to East. Mentally wished them a soft landing. Then it became interesting. From East to West for quite a high speed and high altitude, twelve miles, fast proborozdil sky white stripe military fighter. Surprised. Fifteen minutes later a second .., fifteen minutes ... third ... fourth .... I have not seen this song twenty years. Surprisingly, I left the house in the morning, they began to fly, came home for lunch, they continued to fly. White stripes in the sky at high altitude appear and dissolve at regular intervals. Just balm to the soul.:) interflug8, 13 years ago, #
Balsam need to add tea, or coffee. When the town the day of Tu-95 circled, but sometimes at a height of School in the 500 meters, this song is quite boring. victr3756, 13 years ago, #
If head is spinning over the Tu-95 - order the boards and railings. (American national sign) subaru590, 13 years ago, #
However zhgete take note!))) Stakan, 13 years ago, #
Russian fighter rocks! American clunkers with the wings resting ... MiG 29 OVT ... whether there is a maneuver that he can not deliver? ... SNICKERS, 12 years ago, #