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Landing Yak-40 (UVAUGA) at sunset, Ulyanovsk-Barataveka
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the instructor liked the phrase "Here!" What do you fellow! ". Estimates better and can not be;) goaley, 11 years ago, #
Surname instructor Chapovoy.Klassny man and of God instructor! ksjc, 10 years ago, #
The instructor simply a master of his craft! cool people) and student whiz! would have to act quickly) xMAGGOTx, 10 years ago, #
UVAUGA-fellows, 5 of course. Instructor-special thanks. alex32alpha, 11 years ago, #
after all these commercials to me more and more want to learn YAK-40 from SD:) qip88, 11 years ago, #
To him goes naipodrobneyshy manual, which learn to fly, even a housewife! :-)) The only problem for me so far - RMI. Scale is not as steep as all used to, but a circle goes pathfinder. Terrible not informative thing (or digestible difficult for me personally). You can certainly look at the ICU, but there is no "sword". In general, you can fly, but sober! :-) Mihail Stepanov, 11 years ago, #
Yes I know about the manual. I'm talking about the overall incentive:) qip88, 11 years ago, #
Mihail Stepanov On a real plane is the same problem ... Actually, not very ergonomic cabin on the Yak-40 ... for me at least z88, 11 years ago, #
Thank God, though I'm not alone with this RMI tormented! In the Sim who did not ask, no problems with them is not, I still do not understand how fly. Thank calmed :-))) Mihail Stepanov, 11 years ago, #
I think, just do not say that there are problems kakieto))) but do not know if it experiences z88, 11 years ago, #
remove the children, take pictures, do not hurt Yashku Alexlng, 10 years ago, #
Only 5 +! The instructor is very funny, good guy feels! Good work Eugene! Students of luck! Артемий154М, 11 years ago, #
Instructor. And the student was really well done. Good luck. Grixa_95, 11 years ago, #
Instructors show. Mega chelovechische MikeWorm ULLI, 11 years ago, #
MikeWorm ULLI, you +1, instructor +10! sergey5993, 11 years ago, #
The instructor simply outstanding ... letat with him was very, very nice! z88, 11 years ago, #
So simple and the instructor must be a minimum. I have flown and worked with people (not all of course), which apart from its culture of behavior can easily read and even a lecture on aerodynamics and aircraft performance calculations. In general positive attitude certainly has flaws, and this instructor. I say this as an understanding man. However, much depends not only on the instructor, and on how organized the process of flight training in general and flight training in particular in a specific flight school. isc, 11 years ago, #
отличное позитивное видео. Chekhomov, 7 years ago, #
Вот это и есть настоящая работа, удачных полетов и отличного в будущем выпуска. Mexmax, 9 years ago, #
Well done! Instructor identity kruutoy dude Dead_Knight, 10 years ago, #
Handsome! :) Gordian, 10 years ago, #
Beautifully put, fellow cadet. The instructor also krasava =) UHWW, 10 years ago, #
Indeed, well done! Be proud Rosaviation - be a real man! Leonidos, 10 years ago, #
+++++ 159rus, 10 years ago, #
The atmosphere in the cabin cool! RA-85512, 10 years ago, #
Cool video! Thank you Vlad_md, 11 years ago, #
Well done lads! Keep it up ...:) mercedesss, 11 years ago, #
Super video =) 5 ++++++ VladiR1, 11 years ago, #
Just 5 !!!!!!!! ((Диспетчер)), 11 years ago, #
Excellent! YAK-40 an amazing machine. Spot just wonderful. Kort, 11 years ago, #
Excellent video! :) -=Maestro=-, 11 years ago, #
Super)) spaibo great for video) looking forward to new video on UVAUGA)))) Санька-заЛЕТЧИК, 11 years ago, #
5 +. Score first flight instructor on the right. interflug8, 11 years ago, #
And remember, flight cadets. You learn for what would fulfill the social task of carrying passengers or cargo. Therefore, when you sit down at the wheel plane, you should always understand that you are flying not for himself but for the people ... interflug8, 11 years ago, #
Here is what you wrote the right words. Leonidos, 10 years ago, #
I am glad that liked the video ... There is a flight on Yak-18T 36 series and fresh vidyushki with flights to the Diamond-42 Yes ... It is spread? z88, 11 years ago, #
Certainly worth Slik, 11 years ago, #
As for issues, lays the everything est.Dushu warms. alex96lt, 11 years ago, #
Each movie watching neotryvayas! Thank you! GRumman, 11 years ago, #
... ydjin, 11 years ago, #
)))))))))))))) tcvetok, 11 years ago, #
RљSЂR°SЃR°RІR° Partizan-cs, 11 years ago, #
I chgo guys can not hear, but like the instructor said mileage Include reverse and the noise kind of like the reverse will work. But the Yak-40 like the train is not the reverse?? Arvid, 11 years ago, #
There are also reverse it, the average engine :-)))) But at the Yak-42 no ... Mihail Stepanov, 11 years ago, #
Megaotzhig:) Anatoliy, 11 years ago, #
reverse secondary engine? I seriously do not ask :-) Arvid, 11 years ago, #
Please​/yak40.html: ---- -------------------------- quote - The average engine, located in the fuselage, has thrust reverse - a special device that alters the braking plane direction of the jet exhaust. ---- end quote ------------------- --------- Mihail Stepanov, 11 years ago, #
Now megazchet:) Anatoliy, 11 years ago, #
They reversed all on 3-meters was dr_anthony, 11 years ago, #
it is, the inclusion of the reverse process of aging, about a meter ... it entails some disadvantages, namely, the positive pitch moment, because of which it seems (it seems) that the plane soars ... but he soars))) z88, 11 years ago, #
under normal planting allowed the inclusion of the reverse at a height not exceeding 15m. and if no entry flaps after the entrance to the glideslope average 65 and includes the RTU and the lateral velocity letun757, 10 years ago, #
The whole series of commercials on 5 +, but can forgive a stupid question, or it seemed to me - why idle to end? Anatoliy, 11 years ago, #
By the end face of RLE MG to put it, there a little earlier set, it is probably from the fact that the plane was easy. Let's answer that the real pilots. Mihail Stepanov, 11 years ago, #
It is possible, and from passing if empty. Tried)) Michigan, 11 years ago, #
Thank you very very enlightened Michigan:) Anatoliy, 11 years ago, #
In a short period of 1100-1200 quite that. But in general it is a bad habit. Anyway in the end have to dive under the glide path, and if you reported to Sunset on lighthouse may be flogged. Thank God for such runways CSC in most cases no)) Michigan, 11 years ago, #
plus. Instructor plus a hundred)) And look flight in New Urengoy "if not mistaken, once the value of this increased the instructor repeatedly)))) Slik, 11 years ago, #
A video can fully lay out?)) Cool Slik, 11 years ago, #
so totally no ((this is not cutting it short videos taken on a bar of soap (( z88, 11 years ago, #
Pity ( Slik, 11 years ago, #
girlfriend and can not be! YAMAL420, 11 years ago, #
All done! KirillS, 11 years ago, #
+ mikuz, 11 years ago, #
Poor students! So I always think, why they were on the Yak-40 are taught, if the fly is still on the Boeing Mihail Stepanov, 11 years ago, #
Oh, I forgot rating!! 5 of course! Mihail Stepanov, 11 years ago, #
I disagree with you .. teach to what would be the professor!, And then schastlivchiiiiikami.Boing is good!. But before you learn to drive a good car, we are taught in driving schools in Zhiguli .. good hardening after a trip to Zhigulis, experience and t.d.A then get right and rides on Audi, or toyete ... tcvetok, 11 years ago, #
I on the contrary .. inomarochke studied at, and then to 2106 again had ...=) a3532, 11 years ago, #
No, right Michael said. If taught at once what is required for employment, the same 4-6 months for a refresher course on Eirbas or Boeing would have been far more useful, if what happens when the students arrive after the AN-26 and Yak-40 and for a long time can not understand what is happening, looking at everything around me with frightened eyes (which is totally natural). Do not forget that during this short period to them for past everything else, and you need to master a completely different type of aircraft, so much so that it become part of the two-term crew. Well, that now at least started to fly in Da42. SU7, 11 years ago, #
In other words. Narrow circle of specialists. gospodin, 10 years ago, #
Mihail Stepanov that it would feel inside of manual piloting, flight dynamics and "meter" asshole will also fly in Boeing uchagu =) God bless trenazhory that would have bought =) And what kind of "meter" asshole feel and Cessna enough and Un 2 )) becass, 10 years ago, #
All otlichto, but do not have pedals so nervous before boarding, thanks kolpakov_79, 11 years ago, #
Maybe he is one of the first flights on the Yak. Easy to say so on the ground. isc, 11 years ago, #
Well, that and the instructor, too .... ore sooner removed, and the lateral deviation of a trainee could not speak ... just drift angle, etc. kolpakov_79, 11 years ago, #
Rudy did not put the early-light aircraft, so most times. I say this as a really flown on this type. isc, 11 years ago, #
How do you mozheete so to speak, when you do not know the method of landing this type, its configuration, and the speed at the time of MG team? z88, 11 years ago, #
You know, I flew to Jake about 1000 hours the pilot or any pilot with the bloom is already enough to look at the video to say sooner removed the gas or not. isc, 11 years ago, #