Landing on the AN-24 (may 26) This may be somewhere here was not sought Founded.
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It seems that in Yekaterinburg victor_kis, 13 years ago, #
It has long been debated BAYAN !!!....... daewooo, 13 years ago, #
Super! Had a good laugh. Fighters to rule. Especially liked the monologue of 37 seconds the first minute: "I do not touch, b. .. b, himself fly wherever you want, tries ***..." BAe-146, 13 years ago, #
In ... I remember, someone reminded me that uncle - Shura Karetnogo. BAe-146, 13 years ago, #
Intonation is very colorful. kluv, 13 years ago, #
slaughterhouses xA Maxim_Utair, 13 years ago, #
Gentle instructor:) MAPC, 13 years ago, #
Fu cattle! Did not even inspect, schmuck sitting in his undershirt and trenikah instructor EPT. RaserX, 13 years ago, #
No T-shirts it:) BAe-146, 13 years ago, #
But it seemed that the strap on T-shirts, but it is not the case, the instructor must command respect, but not vomiting. RaserX, 13 years ago, #
I agree with you. Unfortunately, among the instructors of the old school, a people very much. Young, well educated. I, fortunately, with cattle and Instruction not experienced, but from some of the guys heard about the BS. I am, every other word. BAe-146, 13 years ago, #
It's not BS. I sometimes did well without it, everything should be just the place and in moderation. The man in the left seat is prepared, the future commander, and that without his shirt poking like a puppy! "That's the" teachers "will be long wonder transcript ( DIREKTOR, 13 years ago, #
He may in shorts sidet.Esli at his summer day ten of these have to take, and the day is hot and the cabin is not cool, and it sits there for 3 hours. What will be, eh???? Ah, you greenhorns only know how to be smart. pilottt, 13 years ago, #
I agree with the extreme speaker! paavo, 13 years ago, #
What have greenhorns or not? So do not teach, and maimed as a pilot. He then long to be treated from Trapped and fear for each movement to get lyuley. I saw these cripples, the impression is very sad. One of them even then was unable to fly. In the most was the experience working with such monsters, the commanders, when on the bare ground op and dergotnya throughout the cabin. As a result, the entire crew razderganny "ready" for landing. This instructor filthy broom drive needed. And who does not understand the psychology, he only greenhorns and knows how to call names. KJC, 13 years ago, #
It is through the mat in flight. With talks between flights. And again mate in flight, and so on ...!! Thus was born in-flight pilot. Who, just on the Cessna flies do not write, as you were taught. This is heaven and earth. andover78, 12 years ago, #
Similarly, the AN-30 thanks to author! VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
xD ".. now dive down ..")))))) KirillS, 13 years ago, #
Bydloinstruktor. Culture aircrew training in all its glory. And do not be about "impressionable - in the pilots no good." Cattle, too, in letchegi not do. Segelflieger, 12 years ago, #
Oh, well, maybe cadet dol ... b, and we have such a method to teach. I Do not Know, IMHO of course, but the instructor grand uncle. Cattle through the streets run hither, but an instructor in the air, not cattle, because cattle would go well, does not yet come. Ravnmm, 12 years ago, #
A student, just a fine fellow, not nervous, quietly works and is not distracted Vladimir_76, 12 years ago, #
This "trainer" there was no desire or ability, or both Explain and show, and if it's really a hundred times the same thing - and this is his (the instructor) duty. Not to mention the fact that it was such a kolichistvom mat vpesdunakuypilyat - a sign of incipient degradation of the individual who (identity) on the idea has power over a 4-by 5 people plus materiel. Segelflieger, 12 years ago, #
Well then I Do not Know =) But I think that this cadet had already realized their mistakes and has learned a lot, as if he was not being covered mat) You know, again, IMHO, but math is math, and 75% of cases it is useful. Ravnmm, 12 years ago, #
Guys, in any case, they normally sit, though not without blemishes, everything will all come with experience and expertise from the empty thumb-sucking is not taken, the instructor a normal guy, better, in my opinion, once matyuknutsya, understanding man once thoughtful something wrong Vladimir_76, 12 years ago, #
- Comrade cadet, as you succeed so soft landing? "Yes nchego complex. I sit and wait until the instructor is not roared: "What are you, your raztak!" And this moent I pull over. FireFly, 12 years ago, #
There is a "tough but literate learning" teaching (which in this respect), and is "always screaming assholes. And there may be just the camera all the company played. Gennn, 12 years ago, #
But normally he spoke to him. This is not the Institute for young ladies, syusi-Pusey breed. Сокол, 12 years ago, #
Everything would be fine, but the commander's family, the pravaka and the rest of the crew members of the family, too. Do not have time to "suasion". Suasion remain in school. You fly or not?? Doletyvayut and taught in the course of flight. Nothing a couple of dozen such visits have become the second captain. After all Kulp s. Endless inspections, an examination etc. labudeni .... andover78, 12 years ago, #
and syusi Pusey nobody asks, you must respect the elementary students, then the cadet will respect the instructor and the instructor who yells and puts bl ** by Kajo word is not the instructor (pardon the pun) a person (although if a person humiliates another absolutely without cause, he long ago that the same was) and cattle, plus probably a failed personal life) know at Denis Okan is a good book (or book, I Do not Know how to call it) about the most common errors, discrepancies, inconsistencies, and miscellaneous other pilots 737, and there is a line about what to do and not do the instructor:​7/d6/c2d0dd8f1eee.jpg and this "instructor" violated good half of that in this same book in red list, God forbid such a fly with him and the sky has come to hate do not speak about that plane on which you fly ... pro100gamer, 12 years ago, #
Yes, b ... cadet as chock sits with his hands .. x helmsman, etc. .. etc. Such a blurred tyufyakovuyu only mats and learning. I did kovoryu - stronger say - will go deeper. The idea, ie, enters. In the head, that is. "The desire, ability to explain? In insitute you will and desire, and ability. And the woman on x .. your. Tea, not insttute noble maidens Pushkin had read, but to Natasha Rostov et al. Th. -------- It is normal for an instructor behaves. Well, not very nice is to hear his address. And who told you that there is "you" and the full titles of dignify be? All of the beam, do not be chicken! paladdin, 12 years ago, #
why is the same Ershov, or Okan not acting according to your principle krpeche-deeper "and nothing but gruel is the one who yells at the defenseless (a cadet in this case it is for the instructor if he were such a fuck like that to object) is itself I suppose the recent opera, letcheg fucking and already other mats thatches, such is not the fact that instructors do not, from the summer drive kicks, cattle ... pro100gamer, 12 years ago, #
Because Ershov and Okan themselves so dryuchili. You always remember that you are in the air and at altitude. andover78, 12 years ago, #
Do not you see that the "export" the second ??????? This is not a cadet! "And it comes to preparing pilots VTA. andover78, 12 years ago, #
What do you mean, are you sure that Yershov and Okane in instructors were the same as cattle here? At least after reading my books Ershov sooovsem different impression. pro100gamer, 12 years ago, #
Books and reality ... And that's really you and the movie. Want to be a pilot, suffering and suck all the wisdom. andover78, 12 years ago, #
pro100gamer, you explain what the helm of a long time since the boy was sitting, and on this (including) talk to him in manly, without sentimentality. I would look at you, run to where the cabin was in hysterics and fought to a bulkhead head. "My friend, do not start debriefing, if not in the clouds. Сокол, 12 years ago, #
Sure! They just pounded the flight nrauku andover78, 12 years ago, #
Instructor - lowbrow, but it is everywhere lowbrow lowbrow. Chasing such need, the more of the instructors. I'm tired - go to the garden fertilizer spread. msnvtl, 12 years ago, #
You are in aviation who? "You have to tell myself. And then of cattle shall be talking to you. If you have none, then ..... andover78, 12 years ago, #
Well I really do not know. Let's see the other side. Normal School, the lesson of physical culture. Another "mannered egghead" can not and half once catch up. The whole class was galloping through the "horse", but this deadhead srazbegu flies into a "place just below the waist." I am sure that in each class was at least some such Crank. And sorry, and funny, and nuisance parses the - well, all people as people, and this .. And remember what I said about a physical education teacher deadhead? Hmmm? Well mats of course can not be expressed, but not syuskal with him. Well, if you take the training of football players, Olympic runners, jumpers, swimmers? ----- Eheheh ... I now appeal to all - just find the audio recordings of negotiations of the crew of the wrecked aircraft. Listen, just listen. The crash near Donetsk. A crew member plaintively crying: "Do not kill" ... If he taught this here instructor, deysvtya would have been different, like that trainer .... Catastrophe in Permi. The second pilot timidly objected: "Where, where? Come in right" .. Results? Death. The co-pilot gave the correct command. But too timid. Well? There is a normal human anger, mobilizing all forces. No, not the anger, which is overflowing with murderous rage .. Feel? Yes, you do not nichrome chuvstvete. paladdin, 12 years ago, #
... I'm talking about the "normal human malice," which comes to itself, under the influence "rugovodyaschego word" instructor. --- Olympic champion before the start viaticum "wishes", he knows what these "words". He is angry at himself. And wins, wins. He knows he does not win, he would be "thus", which was painted by his trainer before the start. And this is true. paladdin, 12 years ago, #
I dare dead! Do you want some fun? The voice did not kill "belongs to the second pilot-trainee. Should be ashamed ........ andover78, 12 years ago, #
In lit the demagogy: "He was swearing obscenities, Fu disgusting. What ... Normal video, the usual working environment. Not well, spoiled people went, you might think themselves the standard of civility. Сокол, 12 years ago, #
I dare dead! Do you want some fun? The voice did not kill "belongs to the second pilot-trainee. Should be ashamed ........ andover78, 12 years ago, #
I am not for fun, sir. This is a simple example, regardless of personalities. I do not know personally any of the crew. This is a simple example. Killing all. And the crew and passengers. What's the shame, sir. I certainly never in such deadly situations, but ... I say as it is, frankly. There is only one thing - YOU MUST. If you fired - YOU MUST. Nobody ever forgive mistakes. Price Errors - life. .... And once again, sorry, do not want to raise the controversial topic, but my opinion - it is. Memory - one. Debt - other. paladdin, 12 years ago, #
in my opinion he is the commander said, they say, do not panic, almost in front of the ground Сокол, 12 years ago, #
So much for "not panic" ... Once the time comes when it is necessary to show their strength. So this must be prepared. In the twentieth time, repeat for a "normal anger over" ... ------ .. Once upon a time I had such the same instructor, and I just shook helplessly in silence all that you can .. But once the instructor moved in his chair, turned around and said: "All right, now fly myself, razodemsya as the ship split, the hell with him, I'm tired." Anger swept over me, I did worse than some others? The landing was perfect. The instructor turned and said: "This is now on, I believe." ALL. Curtain. paladdin, 12 years ago, #
paladdin, I do not know your age and I do not know-whether you were in a normal army, but as they talk, I know very well. I'm just infuriated when officers with impunity humiliates and offends bezpravnyh soldiers. What takes place in this video - is an example of a fairly decent military communication. No humiliation, insults here, in principle, some not. We do not know the whole situation for what-to realistically assess what is happening. Maybe it's already 10-th circle with one and the same errors, and the instructor had just started to rave about. But one thing I can say PEDAGOGUE! should remain calm and composure in any situation. If the student was actually a moron, then after the landing he could make it clear that he is a moron, and that spending time on his training well, he tries ..... Gennn, 12 years ago, #
By the way, saying "Train hard, fight easy" has nothing to do with the cry of the student. Gennn, 12 years ago, #
Well, did I really say that in the video someone someone humiliated? Not at all. A pedagogy ... Well there is a method of "carrot and stick" if you please;)) paladdin, 12 years ago, #
Education should be the same: get rid of multiple student for all sorts of situations and to bring his action in any situation to automatism, at first calmly explaining and reminding that, like what to do. If a cadet does not suck, it means either he was stupid, or instructor is not the teacher (even if the ACC). Gennn, 12 years ago, #