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The video shows approach, landing and taxi of a heavy business jet Challenger 605 on runway 27 of Narimanovo Airport, officially Boris M. Kustodiev International Airport, (IATA: ASF, ICAO: URWA). It is an international airport in Astrakhan, a city in southern Russia near the Caspian Sea. Airport is operated by JSC "Aeroport Astrakhan". In 2018 the airport was renamed in honor of painter Boris Kustodiev. There are two runways: Runway 09/27 is 3200 by 45 m, runway 11/29 is 1950 by 100 m.
IFR approach carried out by the perfect day in light windy conditions. Taxiing ends on the taxiway before the apron. The video was filmed by GoPro 3 camera.
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