The video shows approach, landing and taxi of a heavy business jet Challenger 604 on runway 27 of Linz Airport (IATA: LNZ, ICAO: LOWL). It is a minor international airport located in Hörsching, near Linz, the third-largest city in Austria. Airport is also known as the Blue Danube Airport. Air traffic used to take place at the Südbahnhofmarkt in the center of Linz where the zeppelin Estaric I took off on 30 October 1909. In 1925 air traffic was established between Linz and Vienna. Starting in 1934, the air traffic operation was based in the Linz-Katzenau district (nowadays industrial center), which was later terminated by the NSDAP after 1938.
Linz Airport is the fifth largest airport in Austria by passenger numbers after Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Graz.
IFR approach on the video carried out by winter at evening on sunset. Taxiing ends on the business aviation parking area of airport. The video was filmed by GoPro 3 camera in the maximum possible resolution.
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