The video shows ILS approach, landing and taxi of a heavy business jet Challenger 604 on runway 28 of Milas-Bodrum Airport (IATA: BJV, ICAO: LTFE). It is an international airport that serves the Turkish towns of Bodrum and Milas. The airport is situated 36 km northeast of the town of Bodrum, and 16 km south of Milas. A spacious new international terminal was completed in 2000.
The old terminal, now reserved for domestic flights, is 1 km away, a 15-minute walk across a grassy field. The terminals host about 2.5 million travellers per year, and are especially busy during the peak summer tourism months when charter flights arrive frequently from major cities in Europe. Aerodrome has a single concrete-surface runway 45m x 3000m long.
The second closest airport to Bodrum is Kos International Airport, 70 km to the SW, accessible by boats from Bodrum across a 20 km stretch of the Aegean sea.
A new terminal, designed to handle 5 million passengers a year, opened in June 2012 and operation of the airport was transferred to a private company who run the airport on behalf of the Turkish Government. The terminal itself is now large and spacious with additional seating and two outdoor smoking areas which can be accessed, from the departures lounge. Improvements were made to the check in area and the former international terminal was converted into a domestic terminal.
ILS approach for RW28 on video carried out by summer cloudy day in light windy weather conditions. At 11:59 you can see a birdstrike happened under the right sidewindow's left corner (see screenshot nr.1). Taxiing ends on the parking stand number 29 of the apron.
The video was filmed by GoPro 3 camera.
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