Videography disaster Tu-134 in the Guards. Unique frames. ! Profanity!
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Fire 1, pilots and passengers to pray and pray, the operator 5! Летчик-налетчик, 16 years ago, #
Upon hearing the words FAC understand that the plane otrvalsya, but his top heel. NeoHack, 15 years ago, #
I agree with Liosha, then probably none of these developments are not expected. A bird came up to speed decision-making. And before that speed can be achieved accident-free toromozhenie. Well, again, this human factor:)) Военный, 17 years ago, #
MDA, rare stuff. I would like to note three things: 1) All birds - creatures, a mother of ... 2) The speed at the height of the fire. At the place of return among the latter. Simply Well done. 3) is odd, why EMU did not take off? The accident apparently after Rubizhne speed. vvb, 17 years ago, #
3) явно так, уже V2, а он переднюю стойку опускает, ужс ToxaLetchik, 10 years ago, #
Ниже наглядный пример будущего контингента Авсима))))) Vladimir_76, 9 years ago, #
For concerted actions of the crew and passengers during the evacuation. Автомат, 12 years ago, #
In this video I have not seen any action of the crew or passengers ... see all stupidly ran away from the plane, it is natural. Kuriloff, 12 years ago, #
Not every pilot knows how to behave in different situatsiyah.Poetomu think you should not blame. makar772, 12 years ago, #
The military are more disciplined, and therefore there are no victims. If they were ordinary passengers during the evacuation would begin crowding, heart attacks, etc. Would have been a victim. Hakujin, 12 years ago, #
Yet the human factor "in person" ... Vasiliy_M, 13 years ago, #
I watched this video in a good quality - Tin. Sam lived in two steps from the military airport, "whistles" to the military, we often fly ... Airfield pozharku without tears do not look like they went on the grass of the field put out, so the machine zaglohla and a half hours fighters kerzochami light tread. In short, what happened (God forbid), only to city offices can expect, we have the benefit of their next high. So here, aircraft penili urban tushily. sharunas, 15 years ago, #
Thank God no one died! LOKOPhil, 15 years ago, #
To Alexxxxx Where to see movie - he has already lost at the time of termination of the take-off - brand expansions in the plane - it is obviously, again, steamlining say, "the human factor." Liosha, 17 years ago, #
Ershov wrote about these cases ... that only the takeoff and landing in 3 minutes Alexxxxx, 17 years ago, #
In the Black Sea fish have not, well, or almost none. And IMHO, Admiral - born to fly, can not fly:)) X 15, 17 years ago, #
2 Alexxxxx Well, I think they should take off and the carcass is on one engine at full operating capacity. Moreover, the board was VIP-shny, ie with certain kompanovkoy "salon." The other case, if the generals, admirals gentlemen tonnes of fish are dragged from, then moget be a distortion. vvb, 17 years ago, #
That was the day after the Irkutsk. Indeed, all are alive. A similar case was in Borispol from Tu-134 Kazeyr in 1997 (or 98 th?), But they had the band to slow down, so the fire was not - and this engine was put out during the run, you can see well. Dmytro, 17 years ago, #
I think samalet was fully loaded and on the same engine, it would not be lost .... Alexxxxx, 17 years ago, #
Как это не оторвался? А как же расчеты? yuron_, 10 years ago, #
Not surprisingly, all of us vsegda.U voennyh.No all-is it an accident, you need to be literate. Saprosha, 17 years ago, #
Camera-man with iron nerves. Until the end of otsnimal. To say nothing more. PAAVO, 17 years ago, #
2Echo, yes no batenka CATASTROPHE The mentality of Russians, a big crash! Firefighters would be shot ... Игорек, 17 years ago, #
Albert_Sl Turn in your DivX decoder Support decoding of generic MPEG-4 video slako, 17 years ago, #
And thank goodness it came out so ... but I still can not imagine what a miracle they were all still alive! Alexxxxx, 17 years ago, #
Do not look, but not a disaster. Accident without loss of human life, is not considered to be a disaster! Echo, 17 years ago, #
100% of all live, with the crew and passengers of all normal sseerrgg, 17 years ago, #
The nightmare, of course the terrible stuff ... As far as I know, the calculation of the fire, at the time of takeoff and landing aircraft, to be located in the car with the engine running, the machine is to be located in a place from which you can quickly get to any part of the airport. (U We generally fly in pozharka dol bands accompanying the Armed Forces). And what we hear here, "pozharkaaa ... where pozharkaaa ..." etc. the horror ... they are only 30 seconds, vysvistyvali fire, then heard a car start ... probably slept ... Radio in car fire may long propiliprodali ... "Kuzmich, and how do you call a dog? - singing ... . with. "Peculiarities of National Hunting" Well, that all were ... IBR, 17 years ago, #
Guys, a couple I have no video (only sound is. Which codec to use? Albert_Sl, 17 years ago, #
At samam to simply terrifying .... and you are sure that no one died??? - Feel like to believe it! Just for tei pictures from near - from samaleta do little that is left! Alexxxxx, 17 years ago, #
An excellent video for the military prosecutor's office! I thought that the AC in the army for emergency rescue operations, and now understand that its purpose - decent service in resort locations. It shot to the outcome of the investigation. Ветеран, 17 years ago, #
No words! The sad result of aborted take off after V1! Thank God no one died this time! Liosha, 17 years ago, #
sad: ( ARTHUR, 17 years ago, #
flying fltom Navy commander, Russia is still alive .. No dead .. Bird got into the engine at take-off, pay attention to the work of fire engine ... at which the motor is dead at the start .. and then it privolokli towed Cordon, 17 years ago, #
This is exactly the words simply do not ....... Военный, 17 years ago, #
Comment this is impossible! Remind that there with dead / survivors? volunteer1, 17 years ago, #
Oh what a pity that people have at least something related to aviation, can not distinguish between the "catastrophe" and "accident" (davolno such an important detail). In this case, an accident, nor a member of the crew and RїR°SЃR°R¶RyoSЂRѕRІ not injured. UVAFMONGOL, 15 years ago, #
Difficult to evaluate or comment on this video. Grades I will not put. But for many it's time to start thinking about how bird would raspugivat runway, to avoid this in the future. Monsterwing, 17 years ago, #
But now listen to the words the operator: "Lord, save and save." Cpas and Save! .. Philipp, 15 years ago, #
....СЪёмщик сука сглазил!!!!!!! tehnikgti, 9 years ago, #