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Reconstruction of the crash the presidential board 101 (Tu-154M), April 10, 2010 at Smolensk (Airport North - XUBS), presented by the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) resolution video - 640x480 (unlike shared on with a height of 360). Length - 36 min 4 sec.
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The horror, the pilot must make a decision, and do not care who is there had better be fired, but would have lived and radovalsya.Vinovaty themselves and the point Владимир Пахомов, 11 years ago, #
1 I agree one hundred percent Vladimir_76, 11 years ago, #
Yeah, must ... Only in life is more complicated. By the dismissal must be added the mass pressure in all media as a culprit in the next political scandal - tore so well begins "reboot" in relations between the countries, + mark for life, + problems with subsequent employment. Not happy he would at all. Andrei Lavrenov, 11 years ago, #
from Vitebsk to Smolensk on the train 2 hours away, what "reset" it would have ripped it?? BiXENON, 11 years ago, #
Moving first-person - is not a ticket to a passing train to buy. Already discussed, that they did not go to them to Smolensk to any of Minsk, Vitebsk with either, because there were none of, nor security, nor a lot more then Andrei Lavrenov, 11 years ago, #
Yes, although there is a god on a plane, you must head to think about themselves, their relatives, rather than execute commands stupid ignorant people Владимир Пахомов, 11 years ago, #
"Stupid" - is an understatement. serg09, 11 years ago, #
Thank you posted. I finally understand for ourselves, who is to blame for the collision of the aircraft to land. FAC, apparently, stared ahead and just did not see the variometer (showing -8 m / s), while the pilot several times repeated readings PB - 100 m. It seems that the navigator believed that the earth's surface in the terminal area should be flat as a board, and do not read the card before departure. Otherwise he would know what to use radio altimeters in such a situation is impossible. FAC, in turn, should have known that one can not entirely trust the inexperienced navigator. This does not mean that there are other causes and perpetrators of the catastrophe (especially extraneous authorities in the cockpit!). But, in the ground plane still drove the FAC. I'd like to hope that all interested persons will become familiar with the investigation results and make conclusions for themselves. The main thing that no one else has repeated these errors. Karadag, 11 years ago, #
Fault system, allowing the crew to work in this vein. Or rather lack of it. On board was a mess, KVSa was not a topic, as there was no other responsible person capable of taking responsibility for what happens. Everything happens by itself and is guilty in this state to which it belonged to the board. isc, 10 years ago, #
Pilots sorry. Frankly speaking - they are ordered to die. Rather had a choice - either to die or after the powder erase, to turn life in shame and filth. In general - the pilots are sincerely sorry. No way the men were killed. And all the top is not bad. And not because the Poles. And because the bosses with a sense that they are above all. How did zadolbali these leaders of any rank, who have always believed that they are smarter than you. Zhukovsky vet said:​s/47/img2248_1.jpg tserg, 11 years ago, #
Neher was in the cab stand over and .. Bat brains IMHO. Vladimir_76, 11 years ago, #
true, a RaserX, 11 years ago, #
In the early 90's to us in Lviv Dutchman flew with NATO generals. Fog 500m. And for some reason he can not dial the frequency of our ILS. We asked him about the call on the locator, and he has no idea what it is. Explained, had agreed, was brought and planted. Ran up to us, as they say you did. And we then the Czechs a brand new boarding RP 5G put, he gave the label a synthetic, Great Accuracy and recorded all the parameters of call. Well, we did a printout of his call and was given - every 2 seconds, the right-left, above, below. Stunned by foreigners. In connection with this question: LOM Poles were higher in the 120 meters, which led to an increase in the vertical, and the dispatcher he soothingly, saying in a course-final approach. At 100 label finds itself down, and he once again - on a course-final approach. If in Smolensk even RP3G is antediluvian, he had not flew or inexperienced manager? Regarding the same crop of foreign armed forces, we just informed the crew about the dangerous phenomenon: the visibility below the minimum, the lower limit or vert. visibility, the lateral component of wind, friction coefficient, etc.. A KBC itself decided what to do. And the decision of entry was supposed to take and voice to the 4 th turn. If silent - we tore request until it spit out the air. Well, on film, too. Since the Poles had problems with the Russian radio traffic, it came to any incidents. We've got transshipment base theirs was Aviaexport: An-2, the Mi-2, Vilgi persecuted. They are very much our terms and concepts do not understand why "landing extra" for them could pass as a resolution. And yet, when we began flying the Tu-154 have warned that the drawdown at this car at the time of the missed up to 30 meters. Who knows whether this is so? With regard to the presence on board (especially behind their backs, breathing in the back) large uncle, it is usually in such situations, they're very aggravated. One friend police commissioner in Germany talked about flown kan optymus, 10 years ago, #
Chancellor, who at the airport began to pull in the "Mercedes" of his cage behind her ears, how and where to go - hurry, damn it. So a little under the helm aboard not drove. optymus, 10 years ago, #
What were estimates, life is not all we appreciated ... Recurrence of his superiors. Hex was the soul stand. And so, his own soul into heaven sent. Tsarstvtie of heaven ... Do not interfere with the professionals. Either on earth or in heaven. VV21, 11 years ago, #
All of the case ... NStK, 11 years ago, #
put a minus justify! NStK, 11 years ago, #
... And another! NStK, 11 years ago, #
the last seconds of flight, heartbreaking ... how many people have already died, who gave the profession, are killed and how many will die ... the sky is bought with blood ((( Zikki, 11 years ago, #
But how many people died in a car accident? And how many bears are bitten, and how many more "walking, fell dead"? So what now? Yes, if so desired, you can consider me a cynic. Yes, so be it. I do not like whining. paladdin, 11 years ago, #
May already have enough bite here! That is what it is! Che on this float suit! Threads about the plane crash, car accident, etc. can be discussed endlessly, well, did not come to a consensus! IMHO! bia1994, 11 years ago, #
Which cola? Liter of beer, but we can and a half, schaz opsudim. So, who ischo what arguments? In general, obsasyvanie this story already tired as hell. And all so clear. Clearly, as behaving "nachaliniki, it is clear how the pilots reacted. If you do not deti - then you understand everything and so had to be on the second day after the aircraft incident. So, everything else - the next slyunopuskanie and the women's sighs. NADAELO. paladdin, 11 years ago, #
I was saying - I'm tired obsasyvanie that and so long known to any sensible brow. And if these "commercials" are made, only to once again poahat yes affliction drool. paladdin, 11 years ago, #
Zikki, partly agree with you, but the sky can not be bought or sold, and requires three very real things: brain, speed and altitude (not I said, but not correctly say) - the presence of two of these components ensures a successful outcome of a flight Vladimir_76, 11 years ago, #
these videos are made to kill all the rumors in the bud, it's not a video from the "yellow" zhurnalyugi, and the official conclusion of the MAC, the difference you feel? BiXENON, 11 years ago, #
And you think into the Mac may not be interested people? Vladimir_76, 11 years ago, #
For providing such a detailed analysis estimated that only five. ivans71, 11 years ago, #
why talking head translates terrain ahead pull over? Renat_mi2, 11 years ago, #
that he wrote it and says BiXENON, 11 years ago, #
I thought it at least some idea what is that says ( Renat_mi2, 11 years ago, #
It just do something so takes PULL UP. LainerRRW, 11 years ago, #
Listen to what she says at 33.54 min.PULL UP to this point have never sounded Renat_mi2, 11 years ago, #
"PULL UP to this point have never sounded." Hence, the bloody gebnya still rasstaralas. Lt. Birch presented to an increase in rank. Pretorian, 11 years ago, #
For his work on decoding and simulation, searching ... As for pilots, then every ten Seamer knows what to homing at this altitude, even on radio altimeter is time to press the hidden button care, while the traction machine ... and in general, the door should had to be closed to the castle. They are still no luck that HUD was not. Roma1364, 11 years ago, #
It is easy to talk while sitting in a cozy room! The cabin environment is different. As in Russian: "hurt himself, but it did!" They are ... and could not sit down. Jurik, 11 years ago, #
"Hurt himself, but do" - is in the minds of Russian, as they have in the cab, it sounded not so patriotic. As translated type Polish experts: "It will be for me to stick," or in Russian saying: "He's my curves .... r". Gennn, 11 years ago, #
Not pleasant to watch. Especially at the end of the cries of the crew, not by itself become. PUPSIK, 11 years ago, #
Could be seen in the last moment the plane was down along the hollows, which may reassure and pilots, as the shooter radar altimeter was virtually immobile. Beyond that, perhaps, when the arrow flew down, then just ignored it and began to guide the variometer, but a second later it was too late. My version is that the pilots were unaware of the terrain, and would level off and go to strip at a height of 30 - 40 meters above the ground until visual contact with the strip. АНТОН_ОБЛЕЗИН, 11 years ago, #
They were told, one hundred and twenty and a maximum of 3 meters below! What else to add? Planting is FORBIDDEN! Objections have? Vladimir_76, 11 years ago, #
"Radar altimeter," "steel guide variometer," "My version is" amused))) Ant0n1o, 11 years ago, #
Thanks, Cap! RAID74, 11 years ago, #
Wash the wind: 120 * 3 meters. Skalin, 11 years ago, #
Wash the wind: 120 * 3 meters. Skalin, 11 years ago, #
What wind? Planting of the additional means to command the land below can not be Vladimir_76, 11 years ago, #
Competent analysis. BlackKSV, 11 years ago, #
Объективно и верно - это по ролику.
А факт остается фактом, экипажу не закрыли посадку в ап. :(
Anatoliy, 7 years ago, #
Comrades, and you do not seem inappropriate to put a few marks for this movie? DirtyBirdy, 10 years ago, #
Yes, I'm very reminded of my first experiences in the Sim. When choosing airport arrivals away and oh, how damn no desire to go to the second. Only then was not symmetric. Yes, and pilots are not the boys of puberty age. DirtyBirdy, 10 years ago, #
Not boys, but Manpower, which has no rights, duties alone. Itself is the main of which - do everything as it pleases the boss. Right to decide independently absent. That's the beauty of eastern Europe and north-western Mongolia. Once upon a time with someone is just bound to happen. Well, it so happened that it happened to them. FireFly, 10 years ago, #
Manpower Manpower is not, but nevertheless with the instruments (with altimeter) they mess up. DirtyBirdy, 10 years ago, #
what all the smart part. sitnichenko, 10 years ago, #
everything is clear ... not yours, do not go! administrative resources, damn ... rumin25ru, 10 years ago, #
Interestingly, I think I would have gone to Sim on the second lap in such a situation, insignificant features of the area was all the more alert VARA over to the second round. The crew is to blame, especially aboard the number one shame of the Polish Air Force! DownSet, 10 years ago, #
My impressions going for the first time that they were flying on that entry with a / t and a / c in these conditions without a HUD? Flaps as I understood from the records were 36 control card before planting did not seem to comply, with the achievement of the CDF was not the solution. What the Poles vyznikayut better to let in my Air Force procedures suggest. женька, 11 years ago, #
Uzhos especially the last seconds when the sound of impact on trees Sidorovich1945, 11 years ago, #
The main thing is hoped that this case is such a publicity finally to reach the highest "kings", and they will not continue to make the decision for the FAC. Plus, surprisingly, released about the pressure on the crew. PS / Lying here on avsime film "Mysteries of the board number 1, where the quoted Bois N." How is it we can not sit down? "Always sit down, and now can not chtol?" rostov-ats, 11 years ago, #
And you know why the Polish side and particularly the Kaczynski brothers do not want to agree with all this? Because between Russia and Poland has always been a political war, if instead of Russia would be America, they would immediately agreed! .. A_lex, 11 years ago, #
and the right to do, a more expensive blather on the one who can fight back:) pro100gamer, 11 years ago, #
..............((((((( angelo4ek, 11 years ago, #
There are no words ... sergpetr2, 11 years ago, #
In-in ... Scores FILE! Ил-86110, 11 years ago, #
Ugh ... Wrong set: ( Ил-86110, 11 years ago, #
we knew where it:) RAID74, 11 years ago, #
For the work done! Well, at the expense of the crash: the Poles simply dovypendrivalis! We had to leave the reserve, he also said that should not be seated. And do not blame the pilots and people who were in the cockpit during the landing and exerted psychological pressure! IMHO! bia1994, 11 years ago, #
And yet, why go to the left. leksus, 11 years ago, #
for the wind. and they did not go to the left - they fell to the left. RAID74, 11 years ago, #
What a wind !!???!!! Where are you heard about the wind? Maga72, 11 years ago, #
Fog and wind ... it's not likely! This opoy can not boast of all the ports, like this on vskidku Rostov-on-Don, yes Odessa, so it is not the fact that the wind ... Ershov version seems more logical to povudu left ... NStK, 11 years ago, #
I do not consider 35 meters - that is left - in the "milk" on the drive, without ILS. The more so because it was a collision including a tree in the LMM. RAID74, 11 years ago, #
Wind was 120 degrees, 3 m / s (see the analysis of air traffic controllers at the site of IAC). But the left - obviously not because of the wind on the drives without sight can not exactly go. That is why CPR is not a precise landing system. AlexeevD, 11 years ago, #
This work was enormous, based on reliable facts, radio communications, flight data, but hard to watch, imagine what was the pressure on the commander of the screwy commander and someone else. TORA, 11 years ago, #
and Director of Protocol. RAID74, 11 years ago, #
I'm on channel "Vesti" look. It's a shame that the pilots did not leave a spare ... And the Polish government, those still shots zaturkali pilots before landing what they thought would quickly have to sit ... Thank you posted, but there is no assessment. UHWW, 11 years ago, #
Unrated, of course, thanks for the video! It is unclear why the number 1 on board flew inexperienced 2P?? With the version of the human factor agrees, plus in the current difficult psychological situation (SMU, the pressure of "boss", and the radio in Russian, which they simply could forget) the totality of these factors and could prejudge the outcome of the flight ... BiXENON, 11 years ago, #
Not rated. Talking head, to put it mildly annoying. [email protected]@n, 11 years ago, #
There is not annoying​l?action=comments&;id=35394 tserg, 11 years ago, #
And Poles meanwhile bay that IAC doused by shit and Polish pilots and the whole of Poland at the same time! "Well, there's no comment .. blankfrank, 11 years ago, #
5 sanechek, 11 years ago, #
Banal human factor, with naigrubeyneshimi politirovaniya errors and misunderstanding the whole essence (vazhnosti!) Alert Manager ... daewooo, 11 years ago, #
Too bannalny to reply to this topic (((( Roma1364, 11 years ago, #
Well, why, daewooo everything correctly written. What the snot something to chew on. Yes, that's the way it so. That's all. paladdin, 11 years ago, #
One pilot fired for something that is not wanted in SMU Kaczynski aircraft plant in Georgia ... And yet my father (former FAC TU-154), everything in life repeats itself ... must be prior to planting a little too remember dr.podobnye disasters .. Vtebska to be a stone's throw ... kiril_85703, 11 years ago, #
So the Veda is yelling PULL UP! tu-154b, 11 years ago, #
Minister, Mr. or Commander yelled even louder, otherwise there would be this Vladimir_76, 11 years ago, #
tu-154b in if you are behind already drunk the general yells: "reduces the infection, or I will blot out the powder, it is unlikely that you'll notice something .. yes, and as noted by Volodymyr, Gen. yelled louder than PULL UP Zikki, 11 years ago, #
for quality! dans, 11 years ago, #
but download is not destiny? Pretorian, 11 years ago, #
a bastard) dans, 11 years ago, #
Without replica gvoryaschey head it would be perceived adequately. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
Alas, I'm not putting in a replica, but I agree ... one of these days I will make movie without a "head" will lay out here, if one thread does not outpace ... DmitryKz, 11 years ago, #
Video without the "talking head"​l?action=comments&;id=35394 tserg, 11 years ago, #
.... empty996, 11 years ago, #
cries of the crew drove in horror and snatched her tears. Heaven! Санька-заЛЕТЧИК, 11 years ago, #
Out for a beer and chips. No I did not start. mikuz, 11 years ago, #
I sleep, and tomorrow you look, how are you doing here))) DmitryKz, 11 years ago, #
Yes, and you advice under a beer sort of thing does not discuss Vladimir_76, 11 years ago, #
Here here ... he did not climb ))))) mark979, 11 years ago, #
mikuz - why such cynicism in the video comments about the victims of human lives? RAID74, 11 years ago, #
obossatstso inadequate and then count ponastavili, zeenku drink Zadar ..... zlo, 11 years ago, #
Comrade inadequate, estimate put that file was not deleted so that the file can be found easily through the filter to evaluate that the file could be easily filtered from your "pervopasatok" and "species from the window of a minibus - in the linked file, administrator of the site is clearly explained . RAID74, 11 years ago, #