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Taking off from the airport of Tivat on IL 86. The first attempt to run failed - heard as the plane and gave much zavibriroval on the brakes, a second attempt was completed successfully. Notably, the IL 86 detached from the last plate, in front of the mountain, and at an altitude of approximately 200-300 meters begin a sharp left turn over the Adriatic, to get high and take the course in Croatia through the mountains of a height of 3 - 3,5 km. Indeed, the skill! In general, look and judge for yourself. At the outset, clearly visible from the outside sunlight Inside scratches, but then look fun)))
→ Size: 101 MB
→ Date: 10 years ago (16.07.2007 03:37)
→ Author: 85775 (Вовацкий)
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
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