Yakutsk Airport (Yakut: Дьокуускай Аэропорт, Coquusqay Aeroport IPA: Russian: Аэропо́рт Яку́тск, Aeroport Yakutsk) (IATA: YKS, ICAO: UEEE) is an airport in Yakutsk, Russia. It has one runway (an older runway serves as a parking area for disused aircraft) and has a capacity of 700 passengers per hour.

The airport is the hub for five regional airlines, including Yakutia Airlines and Polar Airlines.

Construction of the airport started in 1931 and was used as a stopover on the ALSIB Alaska-Siberia air route for American planes flying to Europe during World War II. The present international terminal was built in 1996. The airport serves as a diversion airport on Polar route 4.

Yakutsk has another, smaller airport at Magan.

Before 1992, Aeroflot had monopoly on Soviet domestic flights, and had a lot of accidents. At least a dozen deadly accidents happened on or near Yakutsk. See Aeroflot accidents and incidents.

On 4 February 2010, Yakutia Airlines Flight 425, operated by Antonov An-24 RA-47360 suffered an engine failure on take-off for Olyokminsk Airport. During the subsequent landing, the nose and port main undercarriage were retracted, causing substantial damage to the aircraft.

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