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Fotagrafii cockpit and flight engineer MiG-31, moschet be useful in developing the cockpit, virtual cockpit.
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Я могу только перекрасить и предложить научную фантастику вокруг dc hud, где зеркала и температура лазера, а также сжатые быстрые данные в управлении полетом и гравитационное кресло супер-космического силового руссира. Сохраняя реальность, решетка радара крутая и автопилот все еще, и звук двигателя находится ниже мачты, было бы неплохо на этом сайте где-то ~Anonymous~, 6 months ago, #
Переместите это в раздел юмор. ~Anonymous~, 6 months ago, #
что вы несёте?))) Что за дичь вы тут понаписали? ZorgsteinKilloo, 6 months ago, #
Thank you! Ravnmm, 8 years ago, #
thanks dimanok, 8 years ago, #
Guys, what a man is trying to help, share materials! What was wrong in the description, now what? Thanks for the great photos! HamannRUS, 8 years ago, #
:-) Why are you laughing at? You can simply write that the author was mistaken. There's no cockpit B / And a fighter plane. Places he did not have enough, there he is in the nacelle and nykaetsya. Wheels somebody has to produce and harvest. Yes, and drive shaft twist it will not change in his pockets tyrit :-) hard work. 85111, 8 years ago, #
What is dreaming when I wrote, I was referring to the panel navigator-operator course. But the fun did not turned out bad when I read myself laughing almost burst. :) RomanFil, 8 years ago, #
Why? WMS Cton will undertake yes and screw mechanic :-) you look at the series will :-)))) alcohol there is a lot at all enough :-) 85111, 8 years ago, #
Perhaps "flight engineer" - surname navigator-operator? :))) pavel_pilot, 8 years ago, #
Cockpit flight engineer?? Sterner, 8 years ago, #
Although I am a lover of the GA, but always admire our strength and istrebitelyami.Nasha slava.Spasibo. Acman, 8 years ago, #
Must realize that all this power and the glory is already going on there after 1991: ( LainerRRW, 8 years ago, #
Potsreoty navtykali cons), but it is a terrible truth, the country in which developed 95% of all arms of Russia - is not. It is not sad, but it quickly becomes outdated Russian weapons ... While in power will stay false Judeo-dermokraty - Russia is doomed: (Although I love my country, but I understand that civil aviation and the army in our shit. And now we can only hope that out of the PAK FA and SSJ100 has something to come out ... LainerRRW, 8 years ago, #

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