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An example of the classic landing circle USSS runway 26L, in a small but beautiful video (800x600). For those interested, the archive is decoding INEM this flight, take-off weight 82 000 kg.
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→ Date: 13 years ago (08.09.2006 23:46)
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→ Uploaded by: Bublik (uploaded 49 files )
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Details are not here for long. Alex wants to come with those on the forum. There is a heap of things reduce the score. And even visible from the eye - a small kozlik. But his nature was born at glidepath. Well, a few other things. FireFly, 12 years ago, #
And for that trio? But speed is just velikovata? suzom, 12 years ago, #
suzom, everything was normal with these cases. There are no negative numbers indicate negative parametr.Vam need to read breakdowns of used, for example, on their flights. This is not so simple. And Alexei class pilot, and learn everything himself. Alex, we are waiting for you:) FireFly, 12 years ago, #
Perhaps a small landing weight, which is about 60 tons. To this end, the weight of speed on glidepath velikovata edak at 30 kilometers per hour. Pitch all the way negative. By the way, which I do not understand is why, in the decoding of pitch, even with a negative touch (-2.96 V°), and the video it was not on the bow rack. suzom, 12 years ago, #
He, he, Alex with INEM it looks in a different color. It would not have been:) Troika. And sound is imposed kiny M-real, right? FireFly, 12 years ago, #
5 of 5 for brevity landed 5 for the logo "Tu" (no fraps) 5 for data INEM. Now, specialists can not assess land in the eye. Here's an example of the home fans on 80 megabytes of porn! КурсМП, 12 years ago, #
To me, the alignment began late in the day ... den4451, 12 years ago, #

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