February 25, flew flight 933 Siberia. Aircraft VP-BSY. Film at fotik takeoff and landing parts with different quality, because changed the zoom sometimes. Landing apparently was visual. Kommenti welcome! (if that comment))
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I do not understand human so glad when it touches? Why so loud laugh on the plane, so as to not cultural, I think ... Other words: nothing Russians fly ... Sorry if anyone momentum, but just nakipelo. Ramzez, 10 years ago, #
Prikolno.Porzhal))) something in this video is .... Download DEM0N, 10 years ago, #
not impressed ... such oschushenie that Neanderthals become planted in the plane Rustaveli, 10 years ago, #
Flew the same flight at Toko 96 Ile MAC2, 11 years ago, #
not very impressed Вовацкий, 11 years ago, #
65984, help me about the time that you said "Because the autopilot controls the aircraft is not so." If you imeshsh thinking turns the aircraft at an altitude of a kilometer suppose, you think that they are implemented in the visual mode? And landing a full visual? You pin chtoli? KoresH, 11 years ago, #
A visual is all that is not automatic? :))))))) Holiday, 11 years ago, #
Landing visual because the autopilot controls the aircraft did not) 65984, 11 years ago, #
Smaller would be "dancing" the camera really. And off malovato withdrawn. Even the building of DMD were not able to fly. Maxibon, 11 years ago, #
Interesting, but what can be seen that the visual landing?? VirCaptain, 11 years ago, #
agrees with Bort174.kolbasit scared russian sky, 11 years ago, #
Shooting is not very. All plyaesht! Борт174, 11 years ago, #

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