A very rare sight these days all around the world has recently visited Zurich Airport, a Tupolev TU-154M! Being a very common guest here until the late 90ies, the ex Soviet airlines have been replacing the old Tupolevs with western airplanes, so these beautiful aircraft has almost completely disappeared. I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to catch one of the last remaining TU-154, it's my first one ever on cam and probably the last one as well. I hope you enjoy the video :)
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→ Date: 1 month ago (04.10.2017 17:16)
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красота!!!!!!!!! mario1970, 1 month ago, #
Как ракета взлетел! А звук... Ну сами знаете... pavel1981xxx, 1 month ago, #
Грациозно так по перрону проехал на фоне трёх топоров!))) ZorgsteinKilloo, 1 month ago, #

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