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First time in my life I witnessed full thrust reverse braking to almost a full stop. This was very reasonable act, entire runway was covered with few centimeters of snow. Pay attention on aircraft wheels. For the record aircraft was fully operational regarding braking system. No need to speak about the weather conditions video says it all. Hope you wil enjoy in this unique video
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→ Date: 11 months ago (05.10.2017 01:52)
→ Author: Alpha SiX
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Может у него с тормозами проблемы...или вы думаете он передним колесом тормозит, чтоб её нафиг подломить?))) ZorgsteinKilloo, 11 months ago, #
Каточек!!! PAJERO951, 11 months ago, #
Да уж страшновато. Или тормоза(маловероятно) или скользко коэфф. менее 0,3. DONSKOYVLAD, 11 months ago, #

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