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I think there is nothing much to comment;) See)
→ Size: 37 MB
→ Date: 10 years ago (08.02.2009 20:37)
→ Author: Михаил Мишура
→ Approved by moderator: ReDut
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 239 time(s)
No more .. Борт174, 10 years ago, #
Quality = 1 + for trying = 1 = 2 Denis[OZK], 10 years ago, #
Quality Sorry, destroying film, ottsifril as is, will not lyuchshe ( mixxel, 10 years ago, #
For the Mi-24 - 1, for aerobatics - 1, for the quality - 1, for the mother - 1, for the Pope -1 to 5 and:) 344, 10 years ago, #
"Oscar" for the best OPPERATORSKUYU JOB !!!!)))))) well very laughed)))) daewooo, 10 years ago, #
A downloaded? ru_19_300, 10 years ago, #
It is worth seeing, from the heart laughed, suppose that the author simply zaparilsya file))) DownSet, 10 years ago, #
I recommend to download the file online, it does not show nifiga) mixxel, 10 years ago, #
For humor 5 + MAPC, 10 years ago, #
The people you are leaving, with oaks poruhali? Download video and see! Appraisers, slapjack. ru_19_300, 10 years ago, #
Thank you for your support) And I have the impression that here every day spread this video and my worst of them)) mixxel, 10 years ago, #
You vashe ponel chtoo laid out? I am not! airno, 10 years ago, #
Download the video and see all online pochemuto bungle, the site worked askew video mixxel, 10 years ago, #
Actually, there is nothing to watch. complex aerobatics worked for quite other purposes as are blurred figures, slow. in battle he would corpse Gelmut, 10 years ago, #
And we appreciate there is aerobatics??? ... I always thought that video;) wrong type. Sorry))) mixxel, 10 years ago, #
Well the video is even worse aerobatics MAPC, 10 years ago, #
mixxel, the plot should be informative. You can do 10 minutes of hovering, and to lay out that would be interesting? video quality is not better. therefore left only comment without evaluation. Gelmut, 10 years ago, #
Well, I RЅRµR·RЅR°SЋ that there may be content to think, might make it a couple of bursts of staff do? ;) I understand that would be a plot, and mediocre long hill. But I still have any videos here that are not seen in the world 24. If there is that it is better RєRyoRЅSЊS‚Rµ link, learn;) mixxel, 10 years ago, #
Uploaded normal video. kemjet, 10 years ago, #
If someone tells how. Normal weight is 370 meters and the site can take only 150 ( mixxel, 10 years ago, #
canopus pro coder - kodiruem in WMV 640x480 uzhmet meters to 30 without loss of quality RAID74, 10 years ago, #
. ZOLTAR, 10 years ago, #
The plot is extremely interesting, the quality of -1, and small otryvochek, had only two turns. ;) Thanks! ru_19_300, 10 years ago, #
There otryvchek more, but it hurts long vykladyyvaetsya ( mixxel, 10 years ago, #
it is human at all? rusair, 10 years ago, #
I apologize, the file is working. It was found out after downloading. SIDWINDER, 10 years ago, #
File corrupted SIDWINDER, 10 years ago, #
Working file already) mixxel, 10 years ago, #

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