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"Step-by-step" tutorial on the flight to wilco 737 with text commentary of every action. In the first part demonstrates the setup, preflight preparation and execution. All the necessary software in the archive! Read txt.
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→ Date: 8 years ago (12.10.2009 21:57)
→ Author: airone
→ Uploaded by: aiRoNe (uploaded 100 files )
→ Approved by moderator: omega
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
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How (vitamin) is eaten? Do you think such a speed novices will learn? Quality sludge Nifiga not clear simpler terms do. You are on acid fly? )))))) [email protected]@n, 8 years ago, #
Well, you can pause and click where you want to, I liked it. RaserX, 8 years ago, #
One thing to reap the specified string, the other to understand what you're doing. [email protected]@n, 8 years ago, #
On taste and color. aiRoNe nothing personal. [email protected]@n, 8 years ago, #
+100 Nomad_6680, 8 years ago, #
First, the rate is selected initially mad to fit everything in a short period of time, and do not get at the output of a half-hour video weighing 120 meters ('m saving your time on the same download). of course, to understand at this rate did not have time. expect that the audience will stop at the frame you want to disassemble and thoroughly incomprehensible to him the operation. Secondly, the quality there 1280X1024, bitrate not less than a megabyte, the sound of 192 kbps. or do you judge the quality of online viewing? and you do not seem silly to bring the phrase "quality of sludge, the man whose behind 4-year experience muvimeykinga (and read tons of documentation on the coding in particular)? Third, the terms are simplified to just a disgrace, the screen is loaded inscriptions on the minimum, so prev material is designed for beginners simmerov. and in the fourth, I do not fly on acid, and at almost all represented in the complex fs9 models. total length of about 2 years of intensive practice. the first model, which I chose for the demonstration, was wilco 737. plans to continue to further pss, level-d, pmdg, and may be something else. I think a few hundred people, which these materials useful, if they of course will be released, there is. and you can safely walk the forest. aiRoNe, 8 years ago, #
t @ r @ n - you yourself something sensible written? Humiliating others - did not rise! Excellent benefits! Falcon57, 8 years ago, #
Your experience me interesuet.a here's how you hold (beginner) disturbs me. if I do not let the rights of any beginner will be able to do all this, and vylozhit.Glyadya on your (benefits). My experience is you really surprised if you learn. All the same, with respect ... Cursing, I forgot how)))) [email protected]@n, 8 years ago, #

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