Небольшой полёт на тренажере.
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Hello, mister Zorg!!! I made decision to ask you, because you are very advanced person in my understanding and I hope you will help me to make a little bit more for my FSX! I do not know how I can make VC windows clear for TMB-700 Socata, (old model from FS2004, but I really like it), In case of your help, I will appreciate. Thank you, very much.
P.S. Your videos is incredible ! I'm collecting your videos and showing to all my friends in Chicago,IL, Thank you again! − ~Anonymous~, 1 second ago, # − ~Anonymous~, 20 hours ago, #
~Anonymous~, 1 year ago, #
To Anonymous: Learn FSX tutorial in Chicago and ask ZorgsteinKilloo again.Stop writing fuckin in the section of my video. skwolf, 1 year ago, #
Спасибо за "Классику"! Djacoby737, 1 year ago, #
Классно :)
А взлетали там же? В Иннсбруке? Не очень понятно было.
Ляпучка, 1 year ago, #
Да , с ВПП 08. skwolf, 1 year ago, #

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