A pilot's-eye-relax the film. /File Link/ | Rating: 5!
The film is a very unusual genre, it has no storyline. Shooting for the most part is an infinite sequence of visual plans that occur before the eyes of the pilot, viewers see the same wonderful pictures as the pilot leading the plane. Only occasionally show the aircraft from the outside. One beautiful visual image replaces another, for the most part panoramic landscapes. No review – excerpts of interviews pilots and air traffic controllers important information do not carry. Amazingly beautiful music – together – air relaxation and amazing the world through the eyes of the pilot.
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→ Date: 1 year ago (08.01.2017 06:43)
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Приятный фильм apxeonmepukc, 1 year ago, #
красиво! спасибо! secur58, 1 year ago, #

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