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In the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg on the site of the former. The Komendantsky aerodrome for many years was a square in memory of captain Lev Matsievich. There is a memorial plate on the occasion of his death (October 7, 1910 ). He was 33 years old.
This sad event is described in the book" Notes of the old Petersburger" ( Lev Uspensky) , who was then a child witnessed the incident.
The square covers an area of about 100x100 m. around residential development, and there were merchants who intended to put on the site of the square new buildings around the memorial plate. However, residents of nearby houses and the area strongly opposed. The district administration supported the residents. Square managed to defend, and a few years ago began construction of the memorial. It is certainly not luxurious, but nevertheless worthy of perpetuating the memory of the first Russian aviators and domestic aviators of the later period - after all, the Komendantsky airfield operated during the Great Patriotic war and later...
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