Made just for sebya.Komu like swing.
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Judging by the Scrin work great! I just realized that's not a human is there povtykali units? Rather, those who can not dream not to mention the realization of this fantasy! DownSet, 6 years ago, #
"Judging by the Scrin work great!" - An iron logic. The scenarios also will be evaluated by the Scrin? stakan48452, 6 years ago, #
A human can not see here, I can see the texture and what? Quite nice, I have such a plane is not what the school of the texture? And with this logic, many cola put it on the screen though, the airlines do not have such an aircraft! So put a stake, the iron logic? DownSet, 6 years ago, #
Airbus A380 will be? : D serg09, 6 years ago, #
Норм ~Anonymous~, 3 months ago, #
+5 ~Anonymous~, 8 months ago, #
Несколько пёстро. Но сделано хорошо.
Я тоже делаю ливреи "для себя", но не выкладываю. Как видно из этого примера - всегда найдутся "правдолюбцы", щедро раздающие колы за несуществующую ливрею. Поэтому ливрея Norwegian для В744 навсегда останется только у меня и моих коллег по вирткомпании. Аминь.
Ewgeny7, 5 years ago, #
Once a child. But there's something else Interestingly, Who has really appreciated the job? pilot_an12, 6 years ago, #
facepalm.jpg nik-dem, 6 years ago, #
mda .... Dreamliner96, 6 years ago, #
. kiril_85703, 6 years ago, #

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