Svaneti is a mountainous region in Northwest Georgia. there are peaks of the Caucasus such as Ushba, Shkhara, Tetnuldi. The proposed livery is seen depicts the mountain Ushba, which is located near the administrative center of Svaneti Mestia. In Mestia is a small airport named after Queen Tamara. Svaneti is famous for its recognizable towers generic.
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Красивенький фюзеляж, а вот убогий шрифт я бы заменил! ZorgsteinKilloo, 1 week ago, #
Ошиблись с моделью, это 747-600. Я точно знаю! Joe91, 1 week ago, #
Простите за ошибку в описании!!это b777-300 rufus805, 1 week ago, #

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