A consistent format for textures. Now the texture in the right 256-color format that significantly reduces the size of the files and does display correctly in the simulator. Installation Instruction for Model PT Tu-154B-2, for a realistic dynamic species with rear rows of the passenger compartment in the wing and the engine and the model of Tu-154M (Denokan - Visual Test), to obtain dynamic species on the wing from the middle series (I recommend look at the passage zone turbulence :-)), located inside the archive.
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Mlya ...... So do not razobralsya how to make the correct :(((((........... porthole have wings .. no :(((((((((( Carim, 12 years ago, #
And where to find the model of Tu-154M - VISUAL TEST (1st version of the aircraft) of Denocan martinov, 11 years ago, #
+1 CCCP-11156, 10 years ago, #
Ie if I have version 9.6.1, the coordinates are not like say, the wing would not be true, then for any model of these types? 9.4? or 9.5.2? serega_fly, 11 years ago, #
RAID, even a small addition, the satoleta PT Tu-154B-2 v9.6.1 is also no virtual wings and engines, because this will be only a shadow of the wing, so wisely little fix coordinates and look at the windows from the first compartment, so that the shadow of the wing do not strain. JenTos, 12 years ago, #
At the window border for lack of realism attached cud (the scourge of all shops) and vytsarapannogo words, Kohl, or, the world, or something similar .. URKK, 12 years ago, #
Excellent ANDRIAN, 12 years ago, #
I read your comments and crying ... when will you learn mlyat READ CAREFULLY! explain to all who have questions. is a model aircraft: 1. Tu-154 igfly 2. Tu-154B2 - from Project Tupolev 3. Tu-154 - VISUAL TEST (1st version of the aircraft) of Denocan 4. Tu-154 - BETA (2nd isprvlennaya version) of this Denocan Four different aircraft! ATTENTION: 1 - put - thanks belas 2 - is - the kind with the rear rows of the motogondol - type in Illustration 2 to 3 - is -- view in the screenshot 1 of 4 - is, but because a model in the release of NO and the virtual showroom virtual wings (for lamer: what you see from the outside and inside the plane - these are two different things - that one does not imply the existence of a second), so WINGS 4 from the list of models will be seen - will only Shadow yoptyt. Learn matchast, dvoechniki:) The author - five for the glasses! "Sharman";) ps "He vizhual to test or to the old vsersii Bae" - this is dobilo especially given the fact that the answer is written in the commentary to a file - just a little just above the eyes and the right of the picture up and read! !!!!!!! RAID, 12 years ago, #
He vizhual to test or to the old vsersii Bae AlexK_38, 12 years ago, #
it just kind of wing is not good .. but on the landing of his shadow poyavlyaetsya))) what should I do? do not know ... Mercus, 13 years ago, #
no zdelaesh, with the rear seats for the B-2 from the middle of the cabin for the M-ki koshak, 13 years ago, #
The beauty of all did as was written in redmi, and how to make that kind was not to last the rear seats and the middle of the cabin, so as to screen 1!? PROX_UOOO, 13 years ago, #
Belas, not visible in Bethe, because there is no wing in the model (as is in the visual test). Goodwin, you need to put in the folder panel, then you need to edit the config. SU7, 13 years ago, #
2belas a bet on igflay how? like what? Goodwin, 13 years ago, #
2 Goodwin igflay put on, I tried. On Fri Tu154M my wing RїRѕS‡RµRјSѓS‚Rѕ not visible. : ( belas, 13 years ago, #
And I just ilyuminator! Gives a view from the first place! But thanks RІSЃRµSЂR°RІRЅRѕ il-96, 13 years ago, #
similarly???? extremal, 13 years ago, #
And igflay it should not be? Goodwin, 13 years ago, #
As always, Lesha! And you can whistle to the "square" ilyuminatorami draw? :) komi, 13 years ago, #
To Sodes. http://www.protu-154.com/forum​/viewtopic.php?t=3484 And for everyone else to add that the Tu-154M (Denokan - Visual Test) method to remove a careful selection of coordinates to place windows directly behind the glass of virtual Salon, which creates the illusion of glass inserted in them (see screenshot 1). Looks sverhrealno! Installation instructions are naturally in the archive. Use nazdorove! Bublik, 13 years ago, #
And you can take RіRґRµS‚ emku with dynamic species on the wing. Like everywhere, and besides looking iglflay not seen anywhere else. sodes, 13 years ago, #

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