32-bit texture TU-154B-2 airline KrasAir for models from the command Project Tupolev. Attempting to recreate the color of real aircraft, which flew captain remarkable book author of "Thinking driving dog" VV Ershov Complete day and night textures. Model are not included.
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→ Date: 12 years ago (02.02.2007 13:46)
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→ Uploaded by: SheV (uploaded 30 files )
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Большое спасибо! limansky, 8 months ago, #
Drew would anyone else CCCR-85338. Antoha154b1, 9 years ago, #
very nice) Faust, 10 years ago, #
Just this side of the book was mentioned ... mikuz, 11 years ago, #
Well you, Zildjian, and uchudili ... What is board room? Take absolutely every Krasnoyarsky Tu-154 - at any flying Ershov, except those aircraft which have been in the company after his retirement. You unprecedented news that the plane was not attached to a crew? Today, at this tomorrow - on the other. And so one by one at all. Gladkov, 11 years ago, #
2 Zildjian: Why do not have? Like written in Russian? :) Ramen, 11 years ago, #
slapjack yes it is very VV Ershov FAC was the first, if someone is irreversible attention! Zildjian, 11 years ago, #
2 SheV: but you do not want to put your texture here? http://www.protu-154.com/forum​/viewtopic.php?t=5347 pabel89, 12 years ago, #
So no one is called ... Up to this moment ... Lozhite if there is a possibility. SheV, 10 years ago, #
And what of the dynamics described in ridmi? I have not seen this. peper99, 12 years ago, #
Here's what I waited a very long time! Thank you, great! int1993169, 12 years ago, #
Ershov and - this is what kakashki in the toilet clean? Rusak, 10 years ago, #
bad joke Faust, 10 years ago, #
You would be on the forehead of these kakashkami e * nut to wake, brute. Nikolay_Sukhikh, 10 years ago, #

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