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Conventional non-selective landing
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→ Date: 10 years ago (13.01.2010 02:44)
→ Author: Александр
→ Uploaded by: empty996 (uploaded 15 files )
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757 standards planted poltos went on the critical angles .. almost fell. 4 - so that was the impetus for further qualitative work) qip88, 9 years ago, #
hotwire. empty996, 9 years ago, #
Dayan, but the landing Bobik 3 Virpilot, 9 years ago, #
Well I'm Sim flying recently, in many respects not a boom-boom, but in the end admired "take-off mode, a quarter! pilot-bess, 10 years ago, #
RЎRїR°SЃRyoR±) empty996, 10 years ago, #
about the take-off mode is a glitch, I also, when the band ottormazhimaeshsya, heard "Speed 180, 150 take-off mode all devices it.d." Format, 10 years ago, #
Bobik normally the first time planted, and "emku" - just terrible! So to say "crows landing", a big pitch. Plus, the regime should not - less than a hundred meters worked siren threat of disruption. ARTMOTO63, 10 years ago, #
HS - at first glance. ARTMOTO63, 10 years ago, #
Well though deuce, and then all but one, one) empty996, 10 years ago, #
Common boyannaya terrible landing! Captain_Denis, 10 years ago, #
and that the voice of the crew that 154? ту134, 10 years ago, #
If rented for himself, then he is and see. delictados, 10 years ago, #
Come on you boys! well with estimates of guy you just discourage the desire to shoot and (God forbid) fly. It is clear that he did not fly in the style of the sons of Ilyushin and Mikoyan ... But I am sure that hours after 1000 certainly learn and landings will be "candy", as sung in the famous song about the AN-26. Wish him luck ... Agava56, 10 years ago, #
Thanks empty996, 10 years ago, #
On the subject of rent - and let them recapture. meatman, 10 years ago, #
what evil people went: "On the subject of rent - and let them recapture" HowardAviation, 10 years ago, #
Come on you left. Started from scratch once! You just need to specify a person on his mistakes, for example as I did in my comments, and people probably would say thank you for this, because certainly laying out his videos here - he is waiting for objective criticism, and not dully: "bullshit" on the subject to shoot - and let them recapture "," if the shot for himself, then he is and see "Guys - let's live together, someone can better - and teach as I think it will seriously but not childish, as some. Here) ARTMOTO63, 10 years ago, #
Agropatsany, unable to live together. ridetoglory, 9 years ago, #
Well so does not disable the reverse, too, for that matter) Click F1 and F4 not mozila, 10 years ago, #
thanks for the advice empty996, 10 years ago, #
Fig se as carcass village! Here is the pitch! How so? Author, you do not see that this is not normal? Or at the very time so turn up your nose? Yes ..... LOKOPhil, 10 years ago, #
No, correcting just started to learn the current RT empty996, 10 years ago, #
But why just spread? That will master piloting techniques, etc. Would an experienced and then lay out, we appreciate it. Good luck. LOKOPhil, 10 years ago, #
Thanks empty996, 10 years ago, #
With nakim zaderaniem nose already ugrohalby all (of course rubbing like a speed not enough (sing 1 Lancero4ik, 10 years ago, #
"zaderaniem" and "sings" You UGROHALI me .... tin. KirillS, 9 years ago, #
When landing, takeoff MODE, parameters are normal ????????? ,, Mdaaaaaaa. UBBB, 10 years ago, #
The same FSH, what you wanted. I immediately recognized him. strigino, 10 years ago, #
quite the 2004 empty996, 10 years ago, #
Yells the same signal in the TU 154! not set off so 1 Artjom23, 10 years ago, #
Very personal minipilot, 10 years ago, #

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