Landing flight Frankfurt am Main - Nizhny Novgorod - Perm in Perm, Big Savino Airport, the band 21. Thanks in advance for evaluation.
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Вас программами для съемки видео учили пользоваться? Vladimkir1231, 4 years ago, #
Appreciation - nothing! ridetoglory, 9 years ago, #
/ Doublefacepalm and frapsom use not taught? Ту154М 85123, 9 years ago, #
Not all the little system good enough to do video capture with the help of such programs, I say to you, as another user of a camera. And do not talk to me about the function "to remove half of quality" or whatever it's called, in general, not important, I hope you understand. It also does not help, as all feel terrible lag. :) Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
Well, if the author of the profile is not caught up with the configuration of the company, he can capture in HD, but not Mabile ... Ту154М 85123, 9 years ago, #
Well, that's another matter, depending on the author. And I have described as mostly happens, so we have to use (I personally) camera))) Although it may be the author wanted to create the effect of "full presence" with the camera, but this is purely a personal opinion. Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
and you do that for a system that? Ту154М 85123, 9 years ago, #
In short, Intel Core 2 Duo (T5500) 1,6 GHz. ATI RADEON X1700 Mobility 256Mb. Hard to 140 GB. In principle, it is clear from this that my laptop) Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
I have a new laptop too, but much weaker vidyashka. nothing, I can not afford taking frapsom. with 1280x800 Ту154М 85123, 9 years ago, #
Strangely enough, if in some degree do not believe me, I can put what ever video showing the heinous brakes when recording on fraps. Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
If desired, you can achieve an acceptable quality of capture. but only if you wish. Ту154М 85123, 9 years ago, #
Record must be in slow motion replay, and then in the editor to do normal, then everything will be clear Vladimir_76, 9 years ago, #
cap, what would we do without you? Ту154М 85123, 9 years ago, #
Well nafig! Zorgair, 9 years ago, #
And then, sorry, here measured? Where is the dashboard? For a long time so much surprised .. Vladimir_76, 9 years ago, #
And I Kosanov ponravilos.Hotya, of course you guys need to view and listen the next time will be better. Acman, 9 years ago, #
I must say that struck me: you do not 1.Spoylery zaarmirovany. 2.Revers included only after touching the nose landing gear, and must be immediately after touching the main landing. 3.Nuzhno more from the cockpit to see =) VLAD007, 9 years ago, #
ridetoglory Learn materiel friend and will not be stupid questions. Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
To be honest the dynamics of this modelki does not allow to follow the rules of symmetry, because if zaarmirovat spoilers and include reverse after crimping main landing I will not be the front desk but the xA with paragraph 2. not agree, all the same in different ways it happens sometimes in general to include the touch, and sometimes pulled, and only after the main stand reversion nearo, 9 years ago, #
You are going to talk to me when my father was flying on this type of aircraft? I think he knows better)) VLAD007, 9 years ago, #
So you wrote a comment on my own, or ".. dad decides Vasya deals ..? Vladimir_76, 9 years ago, #
nearo far as I know at this type of aircraft is impossible to include the reverse in the air. If you use the word spoilers, I dare suggest that you fly on poltinike, where the reverse is sometimes included to the touch. Grixa_95, 9 years ago, #
Vladimir_76mem, no, he told me just a lot of talks about this aircraft, and from there I know. VLAD007, 9 years ago, #
not all guys can be I'm talking about this type do not know, but on the other aircraft as the Tu-134 Reverse better to include at squeezing all racks. Tu134, 9 years ago, #
According to respected VLAD007 FM (2.04.00 P1) reverse may be included after touching wheels and up to a complete stop the plane. You may not use reverse for the aircraft tail forward. nearo, 9 years ago, #
ridetoglory, you at least have understood what they said? VLAD007, 9 years ago, #
nearo, you yourself in your question answered in the Airbus, he turned on immediately after touching the main landing. about the work of reversing to a complete stop, I disagree with you, it must be switched off at a speed of not less than 70 knots. But if you want your engine came pi ** er, please. VLAD007, 9 years ago, #
Maybe, but not necessarily. feels the difference? Ту154М 85123, 9 years ago, #
Almost all the pilots put it like that! VLAD007, 9 years ago, #
shkololo detekted ... tell me what folder Simmer asked you to be flogged for obstinacy and carelessness. Ту154М 85123, 9 years ago, #
ridetoglory - you are too stupid or just pinned? Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
I'm stupid, because the realized his mistake and admit that your answer is correct? Hm, well, then still stupid! Because I did not know the answer, but asked the literate people! Http://​07/9c/d24ea4f56eaf.jpg ridetoglory, 9 years ago, #
Read carefully!!! SELECT MAX REV immediately after the main landing gear touches down!!!! This was in the first line written! An English problem? I'll translate: Enable reverse immediately after touching the main landing gear. VLAD007, 9 years ago, #
you are contradicting themselves! VLAD007, 9 years ago, #
As already deleted your last comment, in which no one understood anything, have questions fall away. Excuse me if that. I am glad you clarified that for myself this time, good luck! Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
VLAD007. "Dear" a young man, or rather, Cap! Thank you, but as BE you have a problem with the context! Learn to Fight Russian start, and move without you I can! ridetoglory, 9 years ago, #
I wrote that I was wrong. ridetoglory, 9 years ago, #
How can we evaluate do not understand, he had even more species do. Short video - this time. Second to fully assess the land, could make the view from the cockpit that you can see the dashboard. And the sounds could be cut if off on the camera. In general, this material can not be assessed. Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
I mean, I'm sorry of course, so I fly but video does not receive any rent, but at least appreciate the touch. nearo, 9 years ago, #

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