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The video shows approach, landing and taxi of a heavy business jet Challenger 605 on runway 02 of Sochi International Airport (IATA: AER, ICAO: URSS). It is an airport located in Adler District of the resort city of Sochi, on the coast of the Black Sea in the federal subject of Krasnodar Krai, Russia and has two artificial runways. Because of the presence of mountains to the north and north-east of the airport, take off and landing are only possible on the sea side of the facility. The airport authority plans to extend the runway up to 3.5 km, with a portion overlapping the Mzymta River at a width of 300 m.
The airport is among a ten largest Russian airports with an annual passenger turnover of 2.4 million people and has been recognized as the best regional airport at the 3rd annual forum "Development of Russia and CIS airports – 2013", held by Adam Smith Conference. Sochi International Airport was the main gateway during the 22nd Olympic Winter Games.
Approach carried out by the autumn sunny day in light tailwind and expected windshear meteo conditions. Taxiing ends on the terminal parking spot number 17.
The video was filmed by GoPro 5 camera in HD 1440p quality.
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Класс, заход понравился.
Ютейра жалко. Но сами ж виноваты. Не?
UR-OLK, 4 months ago, #
после касания вы сказали :поймали,что? Amyr1976, 6 months ago, #
Пояснения обстоятельств при посадке дополняют полноту восприятия. Отлично, спасибо! Bekir, 7 months ago, #
Спасибо за мнение и оценку. isc, 7 months ago, #
Ютейр уже в канаве валялся? ZorgsteinKilloo, 7 months ago, #
Да. Даже съездили специально посмотреть. Фотку на форум поместил, в котором обсуждается это событие. isc, 7 months ago, #
Понятно! Фотки видел! ZorgsteinKilloo, 7 months ago, #
Спасибо SLAVJAN, 7 months ago, #
От всей души рад, что понравилось. Спасибо за оценку. Позвоню ближе к выходным. isc, 7 months ago, #

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