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There, lying in the bins, somewhere and sometime download video of the flight. Perhaps many have seen him. I believe that every Simmer (of course, except for those for whom Russian planes like a red rag to a bull), should watch it. Very interesting video. Uzhimat did not, I spread as it is.
→ Size: 132 MB
→ Date: 8 years ago (23.07.2010 18:43)
→ Author: Лысенко Сергей
→ Uploaded by: leksus (uploaded 13 files )
→ Approved by moderator: SLAVJAN
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 1057 time(s)
Excellent video. Jeka_M, 8 years ago, #
Very interesting! Thank you! What is not uzhat - not important. :-) BlackBEard, 8 years ago, #
Tell me what the little wheel so that taxiing down during takeoff? Office nasal landing gear? MaximGG, 8 years ago, #
Thank you UEMJ, 8 years ago, #
5 sanechek, 8 years ago, #

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