The video shows ILS approach, landing and taxi of a heavy business jet Challenger 605 on runway 33 of Doha International Airport (ICAO: OTBD) located in Doha, Qatar. It was Qatar's commercial international airport until Hamad International Airport opened on 27 May 2014. While all scheduled commercial traffic ceased, the airport site and existing runway is still used by Qatar Emiri Air Force, Rizon Jet, Gulf Helicopters and business aviation aircraft.
The airport suffered from overutilization, even though it had been expanded numerous times. Before the opening of the new airport, the capacity stood at 12 million passengers per year. Its 4,570-metres runway was one of the longest at a civil airport. It was the main base of Qatar Airways. In the past, the airport was mostly used by Qatari holiday makers and foreign workers coming for the oil and gas sector. As Qatar Airways expanded more rapidly, the airport grew and attracted more people such as holiday makers and transit travelers. In 2010, it was the world's 27th busiest airport by cargo traffic.
IFR approach for RW 33 on the video carried out by winter's evening in the mist light windy and warm weather conditions. Taxiing ends on the parking stand A13 of the main apron.
The video was filmed by GoPro 3 camera in maximum resolution.
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landing " kiss touchdown"!!!!! ~Anonymous~, 6 months ago, #
С прошедшим!) Как всегда - Класс! pavel1981xxx, 7 months ago, #
Спасибо) isc, 7 months ago, #
Спасибо. Как всегда, на высоте! Dim767, 7 months ago, #
Ваша оценка прекрасный подарок в день рождения. Спасибо за высокую оценку и отзыв. isc, 7 months ago, #
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Спасибо. Рад, что вам понравилось! isc, 7 months ago, #
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Спасибо за отзыв и оценку. Темная кабина на видео. Окна с других видео лучше вырезать. Когда-то я тоже этим занимался. Годы летят! isc, 7 months ago, #
...как бе он не скромный(труд),очень мало людей делают подобное,конечно радует и доставляет удавольствие!!! ~Anonymous~, 7 months ago, #
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