Automatic landing B-767-300 to III cat. ICAO
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! meatman, 8 years ago, #
excellent posadochka! Wespe, 8 years ago, #
Landing on AVI. But not our airplanes. skwolf, 8 years ago, #
Ps Our steeper fly! skwolf, 8 years ago, #
no. meatman, 8 years ago, #
Why not? pro100gamer, 8 years ago, #
Because look the same land at SMU, but on our airplane, there is more yelling Владимир Пахомов, 8 years ago, #
Oru more, because the crew more and because the hands are put old airplanes! And here where aerobatics? All machine made for the pilots. skwolf, 8 years ago, #
This is so bad? When you're not straining your work?)) Владимир Пахомов, 8 years ago, #
But no one disputes they advanced aircraft, I meant that, at the hands of the plant is so, for example, our pilots to "bird" at least 60/800 was a common thing skwolf, 8 years ago, #
Ps why they have women on 20let after birth captains fly on Boeing and Airbus! skwolf, 8 years ago, #
Here the conversation was not about 60h800 ... With this weather, all our planes left for spare. Flier, 8 years ago, #
Yes no fig they would not go for the spare skwolf, 8 years ago, #
In this SMU, on the Tu-134 in the BS-s were injected. skwolf, 8 years ago, #
No you what is not .. then write in such SMU can not sit down and enter practicing blind landing, with a curtain so to speak Владимир Пахомов, 8 years ago, #
Well, Volodya, pancake you give! Blinds these long oplambirovany, in the cabin Tu-134 long been? skwolf, 8 years ago, #
As far as I remember it not because of these blind crew wasted himself, Pax and board? This is to ensure that R»SѓS‚S?Rµ Autoland than ruchki.V bad conditions .. Yet our pilots is a class, and as time has shown that an era of electronic brains on this I RЅSЂR°RІSЏS‚SЊSЃSЏ Bobik .... tcvetok, 8 years ago, #
What steep our pilots and a UG foreign aviation industry? The crew did the right thing, that sat on autopilot. In our Soviet aircraft only care to spare. In the video, albeit boring, but surely. Do not show its escarpment piloting when behind hundreds of lives. Demetrius, 8 years ago, #
What a video! I shake my thanks. goaley, 8 years ago, #
Good technique that can I say), and spares the nerves of people Владимир Пахомов, 8 years ago, #
I thought the chair fall! Coolness they do not take! LeXXX, 8 years ago, #
Milk in a word, Visibilty 0 + SM) Simpsn, 8 years ago, #
Super !!!!!!!!!! mark979, 8 years ago, #
That such I have not seen Rѕ_0. Can you imagine what shutter speed should be at pilots MikeWorm ULLI, 8 years ago, #
А почему такую автопосадку не используют в качестве основной? Вот например любой симмер, если на его рейсе (когда в отпуск летишь) умрут пилоты от отравления, явно попытается врубит режим LAND3, если конечно до этого самолёт не собьют истребители koshkoshka, 5 years ago, #
На руках видимо всё-таки надежнее наверное, при нормальной видимости.
Другое дело в таких условиях, конечно приходится доверять автоматике. Хотя и на руках не очень сложно.
Lyapuchka, 5 years ago, #
На руках не надежнее, а полезнее. Опыт то у пилотов должен быть, а то автоматика откажет и пилот размажет ВС об полосу. :) RA-76842, 5 years ago, #
Кстати, может кто объяснит, как понять автоматическое руление, как оно выполняется? RA-76842, 5 years ago, #
что еще за новость , нет такого Илья_Омск, 5 years ago, #
Илья_Омск, Это Вам.
Категория IIIC — допускается посадка при любых условиях видимости без ограничений (вплоть до «ноль на ноль», т.е. полного отсутствия видимости по горизонтали и вертикали). Самолет, претендующий на получение IIIC категории, должен обеспечивать автоматическое снижение, выравнивание, посадку и руление по ВПП.​_
Это для начала.. остальное если интересно сами найдете.
Tasman, 5 years ago, #
про посадку в курсе , про руление нет никакой информации кроме этих 2 ух строк векипедии, руление осуществляется по знакам,по разметке визуально Илья_Омск, 5 years ago, #
Video Class. Automatic worked for 5, but my opinion .... Why is this?? And if it did not work? Yes, and this type of aircraft, it is not Cesna .... Ars, 8 years ago, #
Jumping without a parachute ..... sonar100, 8 years ago, #
It has long been here slipped videos such as landing-IL-62, on his hands, of course. serghio, 8 years ago, #
"of course" the same. I realize of course, patriotism and all that, but until then do not decay reach. Mr_A.K., 8 years ago, #
sergio - CAT III hands ????? Come march from here - mat.chast teach! And without an examination not come back! :)))) RAID74, 8 years ago, #
IL-18 and Tu-104 might also have a built-avtopasatku? :) serg09, 8 years ago, #
No, they have a built-in CF c function "to the alternate" :))))) RAID74, 8 years ago, #
Нет, раньше были встроенные КВС-Чкаловы с функцией "блябудусяду". KJC, 5 years ago, #
kuynya, I'm on Tupolev handles better perform at 500 meters, but now that the evaluation? work aproucha? and our Tupolev Turns up to 30, can only align a small place so! Serg5588, 8 years ago, #
In Sim, or plant a reality better than Autoland? Stakan, 8 years ago, #
According to ICAO regulations and Boeing on III cat is allowed only automatic landing or taking care to spare. Andrei, 8 years ago, #
CAT IIIa - CDF less than 100 feet or without the CDF and the visibility on the runway 200m. With this visibility, if you have not been able to stabilize the aircraft along the runway centerline, then you will not have to correct the aircraft along the strip. You simply do not have a longitudinal guide. Good reason for landing on his hands placed a minimum visibility of 550 meters. To do this, and need avtolend with the option storage areas after contact. Do not forget that a typical speed of touch for most passenger planes 120 knots, which is 62 m / sec, ie, 3 seconds, you fly all that they had seen before (all 200 meters). isc, 8 years ago, #
Tupolev shit Jeno, 8 years ago, #
Jeno - do not be so! TU-shki very durable and reliable aircraft! Karstar, 8 years ago, #
and more ... computers can be mistaken for a small malfunction in the system and equipment that the TU-shkah does not depend on computers. they have a different system of work ... Karstar, 8 years ago, #
Jeno and that tvoymu not shit, oh zagnobyat you here for saying that, for me the best of all Tupolev aircraft but this is my opinion, but you do not like not vyrozhaysya so here vp-btv, 8 years ago, #
Jeno - who will appear and tell you that this goes .... Karstar, 8 years ago, #
Tupolev I do not think the best plane, but by shit do not think! For me, the best aircraft - Antonov An-124! A Jeno klassichisky troll LainerRRW, 8 years ago, #
Jeno just to the Western aviation industry stretches, I also respect Airbus, Boeing to name but Tupolev by shit I do not dare vp-btv, 8 years ago, #
Be realistic. I do not mean self KB, employees who work there, etc. Shit because the Bureau is not funded in orders is small, spare not, outdated technology etc! You can think of is my pleasure to domestic machinery so to speak. but, alas, while this is! it will be by shit until officials and the state generally will not pay attention to his native and begin to move its equipment to the masses! Jeno, 8 years ago, #
I say so because I believe Tupolev - by shit, but because they are now barely barely stay afloat and no they are not interesting, Sorry. Maybe rude, but just .. Jeno, 8 years ago, #
Tu-154 villages would be better :)... INFA - 100%:) But seriously - that great video ... such little .. but finally can nafik drivers then? reverse turn and up the platform Dorul? tranzit_il, 8 years ago, #
Your Tu-154 - is yesterday, forget about it, V767, too outdated, but it replaces the V777, and now approaching V787! Came a new era of aviation, and you will receive it or not is no one is concerned, the main thing - to deliver passengers from point A to point B in comfort and in less quantity in time. And do not think that modern airliners are ugly, no, on the contrary: the beauty, power, comfort! Here is a new era, so it strength and power of the 21 st century, it is my time, this is our time, so now is the way it is !!!!! Long live the New Era Aviation! Singapore, 8 years ago, #
I agree, but do not have to explain it to anyone who starts a topic on the Tu-154. You see, people who are sex life with this machine lived, flew a considerable number of hours for them is priceless, and they are very gorechno see that Ptakha 70hh utilized slowly. I agree, a new era has come, automate everything, but alas, the 154th is a little "tears" will be released. So no one disputes that the firm Boeing stepped away, but alas, the wonderland called Russia has many, perhaps even too much curl on which all stolen, steals, and is likely still years 15-20t steal at best, and this could not affect our aviation industry, resulting in no good replacement for the old Soviet machines. So one can only hope for the best. ) Ravnmm, 8 years ago, #
Do you think I'm against replacing the TU-154 by our counterparts, but not foreign? No, on the contrary, I welcome in this country and Boeing and Airbus, but would like to see they do not replace our carcasses, but all did our planes! I really hate and do not respect SSJ 100, but I welcome and wish you all the best firms and their Antonov An-148! And really hope to see EA in more than it is flying now! Singapore, 8 years ago, #
Ravnmm, comments about the Tupolev do not write people who are sex life with him, and those who found out about a month ago Fri Tu-154. The people, the Tu-154, and particularly in the sime - is not the whole aircraft! Singapore rightly said! The main thing is to deliver passengers with comfort! PS: At avsime few real pilots, and they know what requires pilots! Simmer never a real plane would not have planted, and especially the Tu-154! I repeat, never, otherwise each year or after sitting behind a computer could easily become a pilot! Pulkovsky_Pilot, 8 years ago, #
+1, By the way, whether in FS2004 or something else somewhere, I'm running in big letters it says "NOT FOR PRACTICAL USE" Singapore, 8 years ago, #
Forgotten gentlemen, it's not about Simmer, and not about avsim in general, but about the people who fly half life in the domestic board. I'm all the way above explained. And on Fri general speech and was not originally, and who will be able to land the plane as well. Naturally Simmer just has an idea how to produce a full flight, but not even a full, everything is quite another, in a real aircraft, many subtleties different. Ravnmm, 8 years ago, #
People you pipets! You are quite zhahnutye something! " It was just zaminusit my message, you are that such steep pilots that the incident on your DC, so he immediately set him this garbage? Well you did .... Singapore, 8 years ago, #
Lord Simmer (accent on the word) - you will not argue about that! Both have come down, but technology is different! Our spin in the soap will be, but even from foreign box not zapoteyut ... period. Enough Babskii Bazaar breed!​=pP2WZT_Deyo&;feature=related Ravmmm - you riyal Pilot? If not, do not portray a lawyer. I think riyal Pilot and without your help can answer for themselves. Ends offtop! RAID74, 8 years ago, #
RAID74, real Pilot who moved from the Tu-154 on B737/A320 not regret it ... INFA 100% source will not! A pilot need in order to control the car, rather it is a rule that requires the pilot to have the machine - algaritm, the pilot - the mind and the ability to think and accept non-standard solutions. ridetoglory, 8 years ago, #
ridetoglory - you do not tell me this:) I know this is so:) you are above the disputants tell;) RAID74, 8 years ago, #
RAID74, ridetoglory, real Pilot in years, peresevshie with Tu-154 on airbas on x .. twirl it, because, first, even if re-training with him namuchalis, and now in real ogrebayut, for work in the cockpit airbasa crew members have a lot more than that. aiRoNe, 8 years ago, #
airone - work there is much less, it is easier and standardized. Just a pilot in years who does not know English, it is unrealistic to transfer to Boeing or Airbus without any problems. Therefore namuchalis, so ogrebayut. Young - flying without problems, even after relearning with Yak-42 and Tu-154! The main mandatory certification with exams in Dubai to pass .... RAID74, 8 years ago, #
aiRoNe, people from this site, his nickname did not remember telling a friend of his 40 + years, moved over to Bobby and was very happy, because, that for him it was interesting to a new machine and so on. ridetoglory, 8 years ago, #
I do not know, was talking about ridetoglory, but after his comment I remembered two more examples: Pilot Lech and Denokan. Denokan have not in years, and Lech - not retired, but both are retrained and fly with pleasure! RAID74, 8 years ago, #
aiRoNe +100500! I can not say about ayrbas, but about 737 classics I've heard that the twisting circuit in DMD Cap cranking Heading, Bobik tupit not immediately turns (in the real so why HZ), CEP makes no stupidity because turn has flown by, with his fist hits the bar with a cry of "stupid pindosskaya skoitna!" Disables the autopilot and wheel-mode would read :-)) And it happens! :-)) Mihail Stepanov, 8 years ago, #
-100500 - What does it mean? about what this machine is dull pendosskaya or that the FAC had forgotten that he was on training warned lag autopilot at 737m? And he was taught to plan ahead for maneuver? :) RAID74, 8 years ago, #
"Stupid pendosskaya brute forced me under the table ... Michael, I rydayu :)))) RAID74, 8 years ago, #
Gyyyy :-)) Well, that's right. A "100 500" it says that kament zachotny! And at 737-800 this bug overcame :-)))) all pilots VERY happy! Mihail Stepanov, 8 years ago, #
Then came "ProstoGeymer, again, did not understand, but again expressed as a barrel n. .... l.. Why, why - is unclear :))))) "The Devil's Advocate" right:) I hope all stupidly ignored and srach again will not start:) RAID74, 8 years ago, #
Well I was there half simply did not write. Mgr at first gave a course until Heading protupil scrap, gave a different course, again Heading wound. From this Heading further blunted. And so on to hit his fist on the panel and turn off the autopilot :-))) Mihail Stepanov, 8 years ago, #
Thanks, guys, neighing. :) All opponents of 100,500. Without them, so much fun could not take place. pro100gamer, you 100501. ekha, 8 years ago, #
Michael, you nobody forbids further lick of domestic machinery, yet say that the ANT-20 more Boeing 777, because it's Russian Orthodox plane, but not stupid computer from pendostana Stakan, 8 years ago, #
And I do with it? I told Tales from the life, no more and no one came to nothing call. Then he flew to the fact that my heart's content, not impose anything on anyone: -0)) Mihail Stepanov, 8 years ago, #
Stakan - why must the person to go? for this drug is! Michael was not talked about this today and he did not licking:) And you're like proSTOgeymer, wedge, not noticing the subtle humor:))) suggest that we all inhale deeply, exhale and relax;) RAID74, 8 years ago, #

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