GoPro HD Saab 340 Approach and Landing into KFLL
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→ Date: 7 years ago (30.12.2010 01:47)
→ Author: steveo1kinevo
→ Uploaded by: Angelpro (uploaded 9 files )
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музыка? HowardAviation, 6 years ago, #
Music - the cry of the soul, not yet found peace. But here it is in place. Kort, 7 years ago, #
Song of the foreign workers of the sky! Poetry and music people! VSDID777, 7 years ago, #
Why the rate is so? prjnik, 7 years ago, #
Wind Pucher, 7 years ago, #
excellent, but the music's over "fi" mozila, 7 years ago, #
see no sound =) music standards, but is not really a theme!) Pulkovsky_Pilot, 7 years ago, #
Well, Well music VAASCHE not a subject without a bad evaluation Vladimir_76, 7 years ago, #
Hand did not even put up an assessment, such as the video itself is good, but the music makes it just disgusting! My personal opinion ... MASS_USSS, 7 years ago, #

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