Gryanul output, however, I accidentally sleep in the morning early and decided to ride on his new bike to the airport, but unfortunately the weather, all ruined, the sudden wind and rain just do not cancel this trip, thank goodness the rain must not bypass the airport, but the blow was enough that the strong rise of the carcass was detained in min. 40 ...
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Normally. That would have a transmitter with a frequency-band reception, which can be heard negotiating pilots! - Takeoff - takeoff! - Lamps, hours included, throttle hold! Артемий154М, 8 years ago, #
that prevents to buy a scanner? kramor, 8 years ago, #
Cockpit talks on the air is not transmitted. The scanner will not help here:) NewPilot, 8 years ago, #
sound disappears RK134, 9 years ago, #
philipp2! I work shifts, if you fall off, I will take off and landing your plane take off his own! EugenePro, 10 years ago, #
kramor - live and learn Thanks! Fly:) RAID, 10 years ago, #
2 RAID. lo slapjack simmery, geography did not know:)) Ust-Kamenogorsk in eastern Kazakhstan that. Oskemen - Kazakh name. kramor, 10 years ago, #
Further spoting of Uskamana:) This class bolshuschee Thanks for the video, a pleasure to see, nostalgia:) Looking forward to see more. boloto, 10 years ago, #
Thank you very much for spotting Oskemen from =) to spottingu interest in the field probably more than spottingu hometown in Pulkovo! For exotics = D 28 July, most likely for you to lie down! Siberia! Meet;) philipp2, 10 years ago, #

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