This is a video I shot! During the summer, June 1, 2005. I flew from Syktyvkar to Moscow, on Tu-134 AK "Utair" (until then flew from Usinsk in Syktyvkar, too, is a great video, there is at the An-24, it was only in my kasete, then you should look for a TV tuner ...) ! The video landing in Vnukovo, 25 band. View on the wing! A view of the city! There are flaps, touch runway, reverse, intseptory, the release of the band, cleaning flap. I really like the video! Sorry, that kach of not perfect, had to convert (my modem is just), but you can watch and davolno so well! Removed between the figure, it is hard on my video with a resolution of 640x480! There is also a continuation zarulivaniya parking ... but the mean 56 kb modem :-) There's also a great video Yak-40 from Ulyanovsk to Moscow, taxiing at night preview from Moscow to Syktyvkar in the Tu-134 Utair, taking off from the same night in Moscow (just opupenno, all lights, a figure much has not been able to pass), at-line (type in the cabin of the same trip) Karoche dofiga video (nasnimal this summer I am from the soul!), which can and forget to write, would have given me somebody dressing at least on day! :-) And all the videos - summer 2005! Some photos of these trips, you can look at this link:​x.php?showtopic=21287 you're looking for!
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video is good. I wonder why so late released the spoilers? Their own specially produced to touch in order to increase drag and squeeze the plane to land ... And then sat down, dropped his nose, moved the reverse and nearly 15 seconds after touching released spoilers .... prorok19, 6 years ago, #
drag is not pressed to the ground plane Vladimir_76, 6 years ago, #
Интерцептор гасит подьемную силу крыла. [email protected]@n, 6 years ago, #
2 Vladimir_76 и [email protected]@n. Человек спросил, почему так поздно выпустили спойлеры, а вы его начинаете учить, что не прижимает и гасит. Ну если есть, что ответить парню, который задал нормальный вопрос, так ответьте, а если нечего сказать, так зачем казаться умнее, чем вы есть на самом деле? lis73, 6 years ago, #
Vladimir_76mem, [email protected]@n интерцептор гасит подъемную силу крыла от чего и самолет прижимается к земле! letun757, 6 years ago, #
Понравилось. штурмовик, 4 years ago, #
June 30 (tomorrow) I will sit down on this strip, only 07 Артемий154М, 6 years ago, #
Firstly according to the latest scheme in BHK no 07 th and 06 th there is, secondly, from what scared you to strip being repaired was going to land? pro100gamer, 6 years ago, #
And yes ... hi archaeologist. pro100gamer, 6 years ago, #
Ofigennoje video, hot i korotkoje, a zvuk voobshe supper ........ Norbo, 12 years ago, #
Thanks for the video. I'm giving a way out of the 3rd turn the scheme, every weekend watching the traffic (if the active 24-I). And already withdrawn from the entrance to the glidepath, if not later, it is a pity that did not earlier and not from the right royada seats, but it would have looked home "space." Thanks again. Zander, 12 years ago, #
Oh i vidik ... prosto klasss a udio priama prikrasnoe kachestvo.Dlia teh kto sasdajot svuki dlja FS9 etot ochen haroshi podarok Po bloshe bi takih video a to mi c Maikam Maarse pitaemsia sdelat svuki dlja IL-86 a haroshie kachestvineie vidikov net to svuk plohoi to rasgavarivaju, to dobavili musiku ... karoche SPASIBO AGROMNOE!!! Franziskaner Weissbier, 12 years ago, #
Video cool! From the outset, it is clearly visible, multi-state farm house "Moscow" glidepath passes along the Kiev highway (where you will actually get to Narofominska) and interchange built relatively recently - so check with the Kiev highway to the Vnukovo airport terminal (and not only to it :-)) It is a pity that there is no staff at least the fourth turn. From the proximity of city (areas Yasenevo, Teply Stan, the beginning of Leninsky Prospekt), run on runway 24, in general, of a kind, unique and requires certain skills of pilots to accurately comply with the scheme (which does not always get :-))!​/viewtopic.php?t=3130&;highlight = Bublik, 12 years ago, #
Spasib guys for the good ratings! What's even put out a list of what I have (in the description of the video)? But do not write that all the spread, they understand, the modem I have all the same! By the way the video on-line from Ulk in GCF in the Yak-40 at the line there, and there are not very clearly true, but you can see a number of flying the plane (not reviewed any , pomoemu not Russian), davolno so close, right figure alienated: (and sorry ... Exeletor, 12 years ago, #
Video excellent. Well done. This is not MKAD, but upon arrival at the band planes are slightly above Moscow. Districts Yasenevo and warm camp. I often go there and see how they pass directly over my head. Clam, 12 years ago, #
Excellent video. А.Н.Т., 12 years ago, #
Excellent addition to collection of mini-video. Shell, 12 years ago, #
NOT MKAD it accurately. This is the road to Naro-Fominsk. Good video. NIL_NIK, 12 years ago, #
For a good video make a good assessment. PS: By the way pomoymu landing melknul MKAD returning to the subject of flights above Moscow folkom, 12 years ago, #

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