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When two planes carrying a total of 9 skydivers collided mid air, 12,000 feet above Superior, Wisconsin. The wings disconnected from one of the planes causing a fiery explosion. All 9 skydiver landed safely, as well as the two pilots, one of which was taken to the hospital to treat minor cuts.
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Это фейк или реально катастрофа RNRRNR, 4 years ago, #
нет! Это не фэйк! Zorgair, 4 years ago, #
Баянчик уж прошлогодний! Закидывали на форум авсима! Zorgair, 4 years ago, #
Так в файлах то нет =( Crack_SYSTEM, 4 years ago, #
...теперь есть!))) Zorgair, 4 years ago, #

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