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I've found this in the net, it was recorded by ham radio fan. Quote: "Hello to all forum users! I've uploaded the records of radio in the area of air crash. File size - 939kb. The program I used was RecAll. Time - from 15:14 till 16:13 MSK. The record was taken by accident - I was trying to listen the radio transmission when storm front was approaching..."
From the same source: RA-85185 flight params at the beginning and the escalation of special situation.
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If only out of respect for the deceased did not ask to remove it! Let us all down the monuments to those who died in all wars, and forget about them, because we both like to pretend that nothing was not happening and will not happen! Let us be silent that people are dying because the cost to them!, The new machines, the training, in the end for us! The section called "Video / holocaust" - and you expect to see here on the cartoon Cheburashka? Let me remind you that you are also downloaded, how do you express "this" even though the description says that about that, is not it? Якубов, 14 years ago, #
I agree with Bort174 and Lev807. Understand that from the uploaded file or not, download and listen or not - nothing .. Nothing has changed. People do not come back. Therefore, in terms of ethics violations there. But having listened to the recording, the future, and current pilots, once again think and remember about the responsibility that rests with them. Responsibility not only for their lives, but also for the lives of people behind their backs they trusted their knowledge, experience and professionalism. I know what a "human factor" is very good. And the price of such audio and video. Our aero, after the disaster at the demonstration speeches, almost in the center of the city, shooting does not scroll 1 and not 2 times, and the tens and hundreds, as a reminder that we do not allow. Each student was obliged to see the shooting. And remember that in heaven you are responsible not only for ourselves but for those who are near, wing to wing. And for those of you, looking at your maneuvers. FlyingKot, 13 years ago, #
I agree with you on + .., what about the plus in this completely agree with you. Heinkel, 11 years ago, #
Господа просящие убрать файл составляющий фактическую информацию,мне вас не понять.
Може хватит?!Секретности всего и вся принятой в Совдепии захотелось?.Кому не интересно пускай не слушают.
Вообще попытки ограничить правдивую документальную информацию выглядят постыдно.
Не этично что?То что было в реале,то что именно так развивались события и это задокументировано это что не этично? Отнюдь! Очень полезно!Всякая невыдуманная информация о человеческих достижениях и ошибках полезна.А кому уши режет у нас полная свобода не качай и не слушай.
Overspeed, 7 years ago, #
Accept, Vcm quote: "You all can not comment on that" it is exactly! Only comment is not here! There is pain and grief of people who heard the recording, and there are people who consider not permissible to listen to this kind of record. Regarding smakovaniya: I hope no one listens to the cries for hours SOS (very want to believe it!), I think, all watched the movie "In the battle Some are old, "So, there polfilma Chronicle, in which every explosion, every shot - this is someone's life, stop before the designated deadline, and we look ... I am not talking about the prototypes from which the written script, their relatives every time they know their loved ones! huge request to all those who are going to Kachan: "GENTLEMEN, IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO LISTEN record, forget about file" KATOSTROF "Live NEXT , pretending that nothing happens. PS ostriches do not be afraid, a concrete floor! More writing will not! Constantine. Якубов, 14 years ago, #
After the first time in a state of shock stayed for two days ... ExDriver, 12 years ago, #
Whatever the case nibylo Record 5. Disputes lot. Inclined to believe that there is an element of truth. author and moderators are not violated or whose rights. From a technical view, you can listen t.. From an ethical - the case of each (by impressions). I am looking to shudder passenger list of the side, who did not want anybody! In terms of CIMERA - not a bad layout. Here the results of the investigation (strongly believe) http://www.rg.ru/2007/02/20/av​ia-vyvody.html, but here the discussion http://www.avia.ru/forum/2/0/6​471649465228598944501172077720​_1 . shtml. The rest of each case. But a consequence of the findings made, these are necessary for one reason or another. What is new is not. Conclusions sad. The Mystery of the investigation if the audio recording of truth - is not broken, if only it did not from the criminal case, but the moderators in this case do not bear the responsibility. So appreciate that posted, without emotion. The fact that all grieve and remember this event and so it is understandable, but this display of yet another reminder of those who died and this is a good idea that was recalled. Борт174, 13 years ago, #
Keep Yakubov. It is understandable that people were killed, their relatives do not approve of any information on the crash, but for buduyuschih and these pilots - this record above all training material. Yes, it is not pleasant, but it shows us what not to do that would be in an emergency in flight. And how else can you get such records, except not from mass distribution? -=pilone=-, 14 years ago, #
Imagine what kind was this SЂR°RґRyoRѕR»SЋR±RyoS‚RµR»SЏ when he realized that wrote the last words of this ekpazha .... SOS certainly shocked ((( GRAFF, 14 years ago, #
1 Vasiliy_M, 10 years ago, #
1 Vasiliy_M, 10 years ago, #
1 Vasiliy_M, 10 years ago, #
КАРАГОДИН пилорас!!! Гавнюк,а не пилот!!! Угробил столько невинных жизней!!! Пусть это ГОВНО гарит в АДУ!!!! SirAlbert, 4 years ago, #
хрень какая то fynjyjd26, 7 years ago, #
Ощущение, что многие живут по принципу "меньше знаешь - крепче спишь". Это информация, господа. Людей не вернуть, а вот сокрытие информации еще никогда ни к чему хорошему не приводило, достаточно вспомнить богатый советский опыт. Кстати расшифровка переговоров давно лежит в википедии. http://ru.wikipedia.org/w/inde​x.php?title=Авиакатастрофа_в_Д​онецкой_области_22_августа_200​6_года&action=edit§ion=7 Dolennarven, 7 years ago, #
I'm so sorry! Zorgair, 9 years ago, #
The bright memory THEM ........... UBBB, 13 years ago, #
Today, for so long, came to Suhu Beam where the plane crashed! Goospodi how much pain ... igrushek soft .... but how many children Berezok ... ... ... Families Pokoytes rebyatushki with the world! Let your land will be down and the sky a warm and soft blanket ... Dex, 13 years ago, #
Thank you for the record I think that listening to people with weak nerves and a rich voobrozheniem should not be. On the ethical side is not what is not broken. A recent expression of Pulkovo - "fallen" on my lifting a feeling that I went there. Zhut other words: nothing! By the way obevilo recent investigation that the cause was a mistake katostrofy crew. Sadly ... Lev807, 13 years ago, #
Supported! Do not be such a spread, please Partizan-cs, 13 years ago, #
Guys, I have enough! How much can you? You do not need it to spread. FroZt, 13 years ago, #
Well, my e! The file is downloaded over a thousand times! So the plane is not just for sima download! If people are interested and want to know what the conversation??? You demagogy that is divorced is not clear??? I thought it read comments, and then something like a debate komunistov and Democrats! Not ashamed of yourself?? BlackDevil, 14 years ago, #
I think there is nothing valuable in terms of "teaching material" is no ... Is it that only Turks learn, "as no one should speak in English." A phrase from the crew of flight 612, I cause pain and sorrow ... And in your dispute, do not know who is right. I agree with that, and entry for other ... Himself twice heard - then some sense of the devastation so far ... It hurts all of this ... I am sure that there are sympathetic people and going close to the heart of this tragedy. While I agree that rodstennikam, and this does not need ... Transmetter, 14 years ago, #
Yakubov and izhe with him. We adopted slavic go to the memorial and remember the deceased or the deceased bitter cup. And do not enjoy watching or listening to the last seconds of life, or people with prichmokivaya - oh, oh, and a new listening or viewing. If you (God forbid) someone familiar ... or, was present at this recording, you would wanted to listen to this record with cries for help? Whatever feelings you experienced at this? This pain, horror, fear ... Now imagine that someone reproduce this record. How are you going to this fall? Replicate the recording, which means increase the pain of relatives, friends, acquaintances. As you do not understand? "You know, do you feel about those people who congregate in the car, got in an accident, and stand and watch. Nothing can not help but stand and watch stupidly. You belong to this category. This is vulgar, herd wish to look at the act of killing a person or animal, I was not always clear. I can not understand, why people write penalty, or an accident, and then spread this record for the world to see? This is not normal, it is not unethical, it is not right! Yakubov - I have not shook this entry and will not shake her. Navigator, 14 years ago, #
Scary! Listen with his father and silently departed. Sex of the day as it was neposebe. I just get into a wax that Turks. As such it allowed the English to fly?? staskenig, 14 years ago, #
Yes, they almost all say so! They have "their English." LainerRRW, 11 years ago, #
You at least understand that you are not able to komentirovat this because we can not prove the authenticity of the recording taken from a site! It is the work of investigation, and do not forget that the General Prosecutor's Office conducts a criminal case. It is to host a site to track that they appear at times ... vcm, 14 years ago, #
Tov. Yakubov. Your cue without comment. I do not want to spend time on the description of the moral and ethical component of this aspect. Unfortunately, in our country is not as much as expected. And neizvesno skoloko still all needs to happen, that all changed for the better (safety, etc.) Liverpool8, 14 years ago, #
HC. Liverpool8 if you consider his proposal, even with its sarcasm, you'll see how it is violently towards innocent people killed! Ease with which you play the fate of other people trying to defend their point of view. I think (hope) to all who listened to the recording holodelo inside and covered with goose skin of horror, awareness events! In fact, among us there is a future KVSy, co-pilot, Methodist training centers, and if at least one of them remember the words 2P.ST: "... SOS, SOS P612 SOS, SOS, SOS ..." may not be another tragedy! And we will not have to discuss the ethical vykladyvaniya such information. Yours. Constantine. Якубов, 14 years ago, #
Tov. Yakubov, when I put video of the disaster in Ukraine 27 GC reaction was also negative. I initially thought, but what is it all of a sudden ...??? Then realized. And let's have some video overlaid, such as during the Dubrovka terrakta. Indeed, the power from us, too many hiding ???!!! How do you think would look good??? Liverpool8, 14 years ago, #
Why so negative??? This is also a part of life, you never can tell why people can not hear the pilots' behavior in critical situations, we all hide forever! Bastler, 14 years ago, #
Supported by the speaker. Admin, please delete this file, if only out of respect for the dead. Thank you. Liverpool8, 14 years ago, #
The horror! rusair, 14 years ago, #
2 ANDRIAN: Videos of the fall seems to be not there. There was only low-quality mode in the format "3gp" with the phone since the beginning of the explosion and fire. Ie after the attack on the ground. This was shown on TV. Transmetter, 14 years ago, #
I'm in the video found inete fall and explosion of this plane who can see. terrible to see this on the record. ANDRIAN, 14 years ago, #
I do not download! StreeT, 14 years ago, #
Thank you for your story. Echo, 14 years ago, #
It was not for me, very ... listened through force Dj Kokos, 14 years ago, #
awful and sad ... invention, 14 years ago, #
2 ALFER: Manager did not hear anything because the antenna is located at the ground air traffic control, but man, lovivshy this frequency to a scanner or a receiver - has been removed from the manager, and probably did not have a good antenna. A radio wave propagation above the ground in this range is characteristic of absorption and dispersion (forests, wetlands, buildings, landscaping) They also run at high altitude, have a significant superiority of the possible range of communication and "proslushivaemosti" precisely because of its height and mnogokilometrovoy hence, a direct geometric visibility, without extinguishing naprezhennosti of electromagnetic fields on the ground. Transmetter, 14 years ago, #
Yes not for the sake of ratings, I put it, this is the memory of the dead and a reminder to those who are responsible for human life. Якубов, 14 years ago, #
They did not even believe that this fresh voice in Pulkovo-612 in 3 minutes no longer live together with the rest of the crew and passengers. A very sad note. It is a pity that did not hear the dispatcher with Pulkovo plane. Also defeated "inglish" side of the Turks, who filled them all the free air, and as it seemed to me very plainly could not understand what it srashivayut ... In these circumstances it is particularly cut his ear slow phrases. Transmetter, 14 years ago, #
Yes, scary to think what people are experiencing overload during Stalling an aircraft from such a height ... most likely those that have already died before the collision with the ground plane! Когалымстер, 14 years ago, #
При штопоре перегрузка около 1. pospel, 7 years ago, #
Зато какие нагрузки на штурвал у командира, что даже фаланги были сломаны, а штурвал намертво был зажат в руках...... Эх, судьба, судьбинушка Aero-Sennin, 7 years ago, #
Score put the hand does not rise! Sad! There, it killed people! Antares, 14 years ago, #
Score will not put ... not only sad, I like on the board attended. Take care of yourself! Игорек, 14 years ago, #
It is sad ((((( Nik007, 14 years ago, #
Zhutkovato at the end. But apart from call SOS at the end, otherwise routine talks with the dispatcher. Monsterwing, 14 years ago, #
Let the land they will rest in peace igoor, 13 years ago, #
In this material there is nothing contrary to the ethics. Aviation has always been connected with the risk to the lives of so obstinate fact. Safety, investigation and analysis aviaproisshestvy this same technical sciences industry, as the Aerodynamics and Heat Engineering. Intended you to do that, perhaps someone someone interested in the issue and wants to learn more about this phenomenon (and this is only a methodological aspect). Echo, 14 years ago, #
Blin, a feeling that this catastrophe waiting, radio, video ... Sa!nT, 14 years ago, #
A strange record, why the dispatcher did not hear? WMS and lime ALFER, 14 years ago, #
All the same can not be so, but if it does that, SЂR°RґRyoRѕR»SЋR±RyoS‚RµR»SЏ, this plane flew relatives he would also write to RyoRЅRµS‚ overlaid ???????????? Костыль, 14 years ago, #
Может все катастрофы будем засекречивать,и тем более радиообмен?Человек случайно стал невольным свидетелем столь страшного события это во первых,во вторых здесь кроме тех кто летает на симуляторе и в кач-ве пакса иногда,есть еще и пилоты... Им такая информация,пусть не из раздела приятных,но по крайней мере полезна...И они не дураки,и все кто летает за штурвалом,в реальном самолете,в котором могут оказаться и его родные примут это как урок на будущее.Говорить можно много...Прав был тот человек который первым сказал,что инструкции,тем более в авиации пишутся кровью,иногда и кровью тех кто ее написал.И поверьте,эта катастрофа спасла не мало жизней,хотя бы благодаря тому что о ней узнали.Ведь любой летчик так же как и любой живой человек хочет долетать до пенсии,жить хочет...Не говоря о тех кого он везет..при всем уважении..Пока самолеты летают,пока ездят по земле машины,пока корабли будут плавать...будут и катастрофы... simxkz86, 7 years ago, #
At a time when this incident occurred, I was lying on a hospital bed after the accident .... too hard to remember .... .... appreciate life .... but then they are much better than we are here .... Bright memory of them. We wish not to commit mistakes ... Korolev, 13 years ago, #
after Irkutsk? Georgian_Airways, 11 years ago, #
Зачем?? simxkz86, 7 years ago, #
As for the sludge? Sound at all nolevoy. In addition to the English market is no! Do not Take a swing. Vladislau, 14 years ago, #
Here's why this is posted? You what to do nothing? I can not understand that the hunt to enjoy listening to, or for what purpose people download it? I do not understand the purpose of television broadcasts that? It is therefore not navizhu television and journalists! Even so, it is clear that there was a horror. I do not understand people who watch or listen to such things!? Interesting, huh? You go to relatives posprashivayte yet. Explain to me that people wanted to hear, when the download tokuyu information? I ask administrators to delete this file! Navigator, 14 years ago, #