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18 October 1989 with a base station that is located not far from Baku, one after the other taking off from the IL-76, claiming to have done their descent home. In the sixteenth account aircraft, aircraft number 569, zagruzalas 8th company of 217 PSL Bolgradskoy division. Airplane foam into the sky. During the climb air shooter Alexander Andriyash on internal communications reported on the ignition of one of the engines. That same hour the system was activated the emergency fire-fighting, the commander of the board of Kalmykov decided to return to the airfield, from where it just took off. During a turn, and the subsequent reduction in the senior technician Evgeny Andreev board that has been trying to activate the fire-extinguishing system. He did not know that as a result of mikrovzryva razletevshiesya turbine blades break not only the fuel hoses, triggering a fire, but also destroyed the management of fire-extinguishing system. All attempts by the crew to cope with the fire were previously doomed to failure. Before saving the runway remained a few kilometers, when the entire wing of the plane was enveloped in flames. Fall off and fell into the sea destroyed the engine. In the pilots, of course, had a parachute. Despite the small height, they can try to leave the board and escape. But the landing was without the dome. How to quit paratroopers could not be considered, the pilots continued to fight for their and others' lives. In spite of the selfless actions of the crew are not in their power to keep the plane was in the air. Weak construction wing of fire start to decay, IL-76 has tipped and fell into the water. The plane fell in shallow water, with the Bank were clearly visible and the tail of the fuselage. Immediately weaponized boats and motor boats. But the stormy north wind raised huge waves, the lifeguards did not even get to the remnants of the plane, which had hoped to find survivors. After several unsuccessful attempts, when already very dark, rescue operations have ceased. At the time of the fall in the plane were 48 paratroopers 8th company, many of whom were without five minutes DembG©lG©, 2 people from the ground terminal 7 and the crew of IL-76. Total killed 57 people. VDV and VTA to the last MIGA together. The archive has a texture cccr ASK-76569 from the page of the newspaper, which described the event with the decrypted radioobmenom.
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