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I've tried out the Moscow sceneries from @RVV1973 and they are really beautiful! When flying on Vatsim I noticed that others seemed to taxi on the grass besides the taxiway. After looking on Vataware and comparing the coordinates of the three scenery AFCADs with their real counterparts I noticed that all airports seem to be a little off (a bit to the east/west/north/south) with maybe 50 meters. 
I'm wondering if this is a problem for anyone else, and if there is a fix for it?
It's such a shame that I can't use these beautiful sceneries on vatsim.
UUEE https://www.avsimrus...-fsx-54382.html

UUDD https://www.avsimrus...inal-51017.html

UUWW https://www.avsimrus...v3-2-56836.html

ps: I've tried a few other sceneries by the same author and they seem correct :)
Best Regards,
Jakob B